Trigger Warning Radio: Manchester, London Bridge, & Living With Terror

I did it, folks, I finally did it.  After starting blogging here at Trigger Warning, and continuing to blog over at the Sparta Report, I've finally pulled the trigger on something I've wanted to do for a while.  That's right, I finally recorded the first episode of a podcast.
I'm no hero, just a guy with a microphone...
I actually agonized over what the topic of the first show should be.  There's so much going on in the world today.  Donald Trump keeps winning bigly day after day.  Liberals keep proving that there really is no limit to the sheer stupidity they display.  Then there's the relentless march of ISIS across Europe and the Western world.

The march of ISIS is where this first episode ended up.  Specifically the aftermath of the horrible attacks that we saw over the weekend in London, and a few weeks ago in Manchester.  Have a listen below:
Listen to "Trigger Warning Radio Episode 1 - Manchester, London Bridge, & Living With Terror" on Spreaker.
Expect Trigger Warning Radio to be a regular thing here.  I have no idea how regular it will be, but you can look forward to a new episode at least two or three times per week.  I imagine I'll keep at it until I get bored and just kind of wander off to something else.  Or at least until I can sell out to Salem Media...
Gotta get me some of Glenn Beck's sweet, orange Cheetos money...


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