Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ISIS Murders At Least 12 in Tehran Attack

ISIS claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in Iran's capital of Tehran on Wednesday.  The Tehran attacks included a suicide bombing in the Iranian parliament building during a session.  Gunmen also stormed the shrine of Iran's first Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Tehran:
This is the first attack orchestrated by ISIS in the Islamic Republic, SITE Intel Group reported. It wasn't initially clear if the death count, reported by state broadcaster IRIB, included the attackers.
In a rare and stunning move, ISIS released video from inside the parliament building while the attack was under way.  The video, circulated online, shows a gunman and a bloody, lifeless body of a man lying on the ground next to a desk. A voice on the video praises God and says in Arabic: "Do you think we will leave? We will remain, God willing." Another voice repeats the same words. The two appeared to be parroting a slogan used by IS spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, who was killed in Syria last year.
The parliament assault ended Wednesday morning with all four attackers there being killed.
One of the terrorists blew himself up inside the parliament building, where a session had been in progress, according to a statement carried by Iran state TV. It quoted lawmaker Elias Hazrati as saying the attackers were armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles.
An Associated Press reporter saw several police snipers on the rooftops of buildings around parliament. Shops in the area were shuttered, and gunfire could be heard. Witnesses said the attackers were shooting from the fourth floor of the parliament building down at people in the streets below.
 Authorities were unsure if the death toll being reported by Iranian state media was accurate.  An ISIS-affiliated media outlet broadcast video reportedly taken as the attacks were in progress.

Boy, it's a good thing that climate change is a bigger threat than ISIS, right Lurch?

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