Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CNN Kicks Kathy Griffin to The Curb

CNN has officially cut ties with comedian Kathy Griffin after a photo shoot in which she held the fake, bloody, severed head of Donald Trump:
Kathy Griffin was roundly criticized for the photo shoot by people on both sides of the political aisle.  New Year's Eve co-host Anderson Cooper called it "disgusting and completely inappropriate." CNN isn't the only business to part ways with Griffin after her ISIS-style photo shoot.  The Route 66 Casino cancelled a July 22nd appearance by Kathy Griffin.  The makers of Squatty Potty have also dropped Griffin as a spokesperson.

I've heard from several people that Kathy Griffin planned this whole thing.  I've heard that Kathy Griffin wasn't going to face any meaningful consequences BECAUSE she had planned the whole thing.  What I've said from the moment the story broke was that Kathy Griffin underestimated the negative reaction she would experience from this.  I have no doubt that she did the photo shoot to make a name for herself.  She needed to bump her public profile a bit.  What better way to do that than to publish a highly controversial photo shoot?  Any publicity is good publicity after all.

The problem is Kathy Griffin thinks that her views are the views of a majority of the American people.  After all, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  The news is filled day after day with stories about the horrible things that Donald Trump is doing/saying/thinking/whatever.  The only people that actually love Donald Trump are evil, racist throwbacks living out in the sticks clinging to their guns and religion.  Add to that the fact that Kathy Griffin is your typical, extreme Left Hollywood liberal elitist and it's easy to see why she would assume that her views are echoed by mainstream America.

I'm betting that Kathy Griffin figured any negative reaction would be outweighed by the positive response it received.  It's not a stretch to think that Griffin assumed her photo shoot would be welcomed as "speaking truth to power" or as a hilarious joke.  She couldn't have anticipated the speed and venom with which people reacted on social media.  I can guarantee that Griffin certainly didn't think the photo shoot would have a negative financial impact on her.  I'm sure the loss of a venue, a sponsor, AND her biggest annual gig have come as something of a shock.

CNN (eventually) did the right thing here.  However, I'm not naive enough to think they won't try to bring Kathy Griffin back in some way.  The bosses-and most of the staff-at CNN are obviously hugely anti-Trump.  I imagine there was a fair amount of discussion as to whether or not they should keep Griffin around.  It seems that, for the moment at least, CNN has decided to listen to reason and common sense in firing Griffin.

We'll see whether or not that sticks.

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