Tuesday, September 6, 2016

#IfMenHadPeriods Has SJWs Bleeding From...Wherever On Twitter

Trigger Warning:
Just when you thought it was safe to go back on Twitter...
The social justice warriors were back at work after taking Labor Day off.  This time they've managed to send the moronic hashtag #IfMenHadPeriods trending on Twitter.  Of course #IfMenHadPeriods they wouldn't be men...they would be women...
Did you just assume my gender!?!?
Just what did the twits on Twitter have to say about #IfMenHadPeriods?  All sorts of hilarious things.  Especially when the conservative side of Twitter decided to weigh in.
I. See. What. You. Did. There.
My God...that sounds even more painful than an actual period...
Can't tell if serious...or a masterful troll...
Not gonna lie...that last one looks like fun...
You know who ignores market forces and makes a product for free?  Social justice feminists who want equality but don't want to pay/do anything for themselves.  Weak, bearded hipster beta males with their man-buns tied too tight that think appealing to the social justice crowd will get them laid.  You know what these people ACTUALLY produce?  Nothing but new generations of mouth-breathing sycophants.

You know who actually produces USEFUL items and services?  Hard-charging, hard-fighting, hard-farting ugly sumbitch men.  Oh, and intelligent, conservative women.  Wouldn't want to be sexist.
Fun fact: no man anywhere has a period.  If your man is having a period he is, in fact, a women.  If your man gets moody once per month for a week he is, in fact, a whiny little bitch.  Another fun fact: there are two genders, no matter what Facebook tells you.
Damn right we would.  Because that's what real men do.  That and not have any periods.
Me too, brother.  What we need is a guidebook or something so we can keep everything straight...err...cisgendered.
The hell?  Why don't tampons have names like that NOW?  Guys would LOVE to buy tampons for their girlfriends.

"Bro, my girl's on her period so I have to get her some tampons."

"What kind are you getting, dude?"

"Bro, she's usually fine with the X5-28, but she's got some heavy flow this month.  She's gotta go with the Nosferatu Unlimited."

"Dude, sweet!"
Honestly, this is probably a fairly accurate description of what would happen.
How dare you accuse social justice warriors of bigotry!  I have half a mind to start a hashtag about that!
I could get into that...but I just don't have enough time.
So...a woman then?
To be fair, though, that's pretty much a normal day on Twitter.  I had a sandwich yesterday and got yelled at for being a heteronormative asshole.
I understood literally none of that.
In the end, though, I think this tweet perfectly sums up the nonsense behind #IfMenHadPeriods.  Nothing but yet another social justice hashtag to make social justice warriors feel like they're actually making a difference in the world.  Except they're really not.

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  1. Snowflakes just have waaaaay too much time on their hands. I wouldn't make a sammich for Trigglypuff with somebody else's kitchen.

    This is some serious gender hatred going on here. They forget that by the time we gals are done with bitching about the monthly cycles, we get our real revenge on the men via their prostrates. (yes, I know)


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