Sunday, August 21, 2016

#LochteGate and #CrookedHillary: A Tale of Two Liars

Trigger Warning:
Liar, liar pants on fire...
Ryan Lochte travels halfway around the world to compete for the glory and honor of his country.  During the course of the competition Lochte makes a boneheaded decision and commits a minor crime.  Rather than come clean and admit what he has done this citizen chooses instead to lie about how he and his friends were robbed.  A minor international incident ensues when Ryan Lochte is called out on the lie, and he issues an apology.  Now there is a real possibility that Lochte's career in sports is over:
The 12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte has now apologized publicly “for not being more careful and candid” about what he had previously described as a robbery in Rio during the Olympic games. But while he managed to make it onto American soil before Brazilian authorities could get hold of him, Lochte surely isn’t going to be able to swim away from the controversy—and repercussions from the sordid, embarrassing episode.

Another American swimmer involved in the affair, Jimmy Feigen, agreed to pay a “donation” of nearly $11,000 in order to extricate himself from the situation and be allowed to leave Brazil. Lochte could still face punishment in Brazil for filing a false police report, as well as sanctions from USA Swimming.

But the biggest consequences for Lochte could come in the form of endorsements, or the lack thereof. Lochte has been described as the ultimate “ugly American” and the “most embarrassing American Olympian” (not sure if he’s really most embarrassing of all time—Tonya Harding would certainly compete for that title). The Miami Herald wrote that thanks to Lochte and his teammates, “the U.S. tops the medal count for offending hosts, committing culturally insensitive gaffes and behaving stupidly.”
Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career in the political scene.  Throughout her decades of "public service" she has earned a reputation for being one of the most corrupt politicians in the country.  Hillary and her husband, Bill, have used their power for their own personal enrichment, taking "donations" totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.  Hillary Clinton herself is a known liar, having been caught several times in high profile lies.

Hillary Clinton's most egregious lie, however, concerns her secret email server she kept while serving as Secretary of State.  Hillary continually lied about said server even existing, and indeed only admitted she was at fault after Congress called her out on it (but not before deleting thousands of emails).  Hillary Clinton knowingly trafficked in classified information, and lied about doing so.  In fact the lies progressed to the point where the FBI was forced to investigate Hillary Clinton for possible federal crimes.  Of course while the FBI found that Hillary did indeed traffic in classified data, and lied about doing so, they nevertheless recommended that she not be charged.  Why?  Because she didn't intend to break the law.

There are people working hard to make Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States of America.

One American is vilified and ridiculed for his lies.  Another American is rewarded and praised for hers.

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