Monday, August 29, 2016

Jihadist Fails to Blow Up Catholic Mass, Slashes Priest

Trigger Warning:
Religion of Peace strikes again...
Another day, another Jihadist terror attack.  This time in Indonesia.

A priest, a Muslim, a stabbing — doesn’t matter where, when, it’s the same.

Priest STABBED after allowing Muslim migrant into his home

Priest killed, his throat slit, in Tunisia

Fourth Muslim Charged in Beheading of French Priest in Church During Morning Mass

Terror in Indonesia: Axe-wielding ISIS jihadi, 18, stabs Catholic priest, 60, before trying to blow up hundreds of worshippers during Sunday Mass

JIhadi, 18, tried to set off homemade backpack bomb in the church on Indonesian island of Sumatra today

Priest Albert Pandiangan was slashed on arm and taken to hospital when fanatic, 18, attacked him with axe

Congregation then detained suspect, who was covered in blood when police later took him into custody

Officers found his ID card and a hand-drawn ISIS flag in his belongings and are trying to establish motive
Luckily the bomb was a dud, or else this attack would have been a lot worse than it actually was.  Kudos to the congregation for being brave enough to subdue and detain the terrorist, and to the priest trying to protect his flock.

Exit question: invariably after these attacks we find ISIS memorabilia.  Why in the hell is it so damn hard for the authorities to establish motive?

Of course you already know the answer to that one...

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