Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#BreakingNews: ISIS Spokesman in Syria Reportedly Killed

Trigger Warning:
Enjoy those 72 raisins, asshole...
Reports are coming in that Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, ISIS's number two man in Syria, has been killed in Aleppo:
A top ISIS leader and spokesman thought to have a heavy hand in planning and ordering the group's international terror operations died in Syria, according to Amaq, ISIS' news agency.

"Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the spokesman of the Islamic State, was martyred while surveying the operations to repel the military campaigns in Aleppo," Amaq wrote in a Tuesday news release sent to Telegram channels monitored by ISIS followers.

The 39-year-old Adnani, born in Binnish in northern Syria, is described as having hand-selected the gruesome execution videos ISIS routinely puts out, according to The New York Times.
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Good riddance.  Here's hoping al-Adnani's rotting in hell right now.


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