Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trump Set to Go Directly to Black Communities

Trigger Warning:
Bringing the Trump Train to the inner city?
Sunday New Black Panther leader Quonell X declared that Donald Trump had a point when he urged African-Americans to question their relationship with the Democrat party.  Now Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says Trump is planning to take his case directly to black Americans:

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that the Republican presidential nominee now plans to go directly into African-American communities to deliver his full-forced appeal to black voters, while also trying to explain Trump’s changing policies on illegal immigration.

“These events are already being planned,” the newly-promoted Conway told “Fox News Sunday.” “We’re fighting for every single vote. He’s going to take [his message] to where people vote.”

To be sure, Trump over roughly the past two weeks has increased his efforts to appeal to black voters, arguing that the policies of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and those of other Democratic lawmakers have failed residents in many U.S. cities, particularly African-Americans.
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I'm interested to see what form these events will take.  Rallies and speeches may be effective, but I think what might help most here is a town hall-style event.  Trump needs to listen to the concerns of the black community more than anything.  It looks like he's getting set to do just that. 

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