Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#BREAKING American University in Kabul Under Attack, Gunfight Underway

Trigger Warning:
Explosions and gunfire can be heard at the University...

Details are sparse at the moment, but it appears the American University in Kabul, Afghanistan, is currently under attack.  Reportedly teachers and possibly hundreds of students are sheltering within the school.  Via Fox News:
DEVELOPING: Explosions and gunfire rang out at American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on Wednesday in what a police commander described as "a complex attack."
Reporters in the area said students and teachers were sheltering in place as police and special forces surrounded the campus. The numbers of people dead or injured were unclear, but ambulances reportedly raced victims to a nearby hospital.
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No word yet on who exactly is behind the attack.  I'll post updates here as best I can.

UPDATE: Getting word from some folks that the attack may be over.  I've heard CBS say there may be 2 dead and 5 wounded.  Nothing's confirmed at this point though.

ABC has an article with a little bit more detail.  Apparently the attackers were able to enter Noor Hospital which is adjacent to the university. 

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