Tuesday, August 30, 2016

5 Weird Tricks to #ClickbaitTheElection

Trigger Warning:
Number three will SHOCK you!
That may be true, but that one fact didn't stop #ClickbaitTheElection from trending as polls across the nation drew to a close Tuesday evening.  Twits from both the right and the left took their best shot at creating some Election 2016 click bait.
I would read the hell out of that article.
Number four will shock you (spoiler: it's something about making America great again)!
Only 50?  It seems like there should be more.
Actually...that DOES sound like something Kim would try.  It's just shy of cartoonish supervillainy.
Inquiring minds want to know, Bernie...
Hey now, doesn't everyone get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak in front of Goldman Sachs executives?
Or who...
That conjures up some really, really bad mental images.
This one's not much better...
Hillary Clinton's integrity?
They DO look remarkably similar.
 So THAT'S why Harambe was gunned down senselessly in the prime of his life!

People must know!

The truth must be told!

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