Thursday, June 30, 2016

Charlie Rangel: Guns For Me, None For Thee

Trigger Warning:
He's earned protection, you see...
This video is a few days old, but I didn't want it to pass without commenting on it.  Mainly because it illustrates perfectly the attitude that the elites in our country have towards us peons.

Congressman Charlie Rangel was recently asked by a reporter about gun control.  Specifically why it's so hard to get a concealed carry permit in New York.  The reporter also wanted to know why only the wealthy were able to get any permits.  Here's Charlie's response:
Did you catch that at the end?  After all of Charlie's dodges the reporter asks him why the people can't have protection when he himself is surrounded by it.  Charlie laughed it off and stated he and his fellows "needed" protection.  Not only that, they "deserve" to be protected by armed guards.

Here's my question to Charlie: why do you deserve protection and your constituents don't?  Why do you get to be protected by a gun while the citizens have to fend for themselves?  Charlie Rangel keeps stating how no one needs to be protected by a gun, and yet he does need to be protected?  Am I missing something here?

Of course I'm not missing anything, really.  Charlie Rangel's response to this reporter is exactly the attitude that the elites in Washington D.C. have towards you and I.  We are not able to protect ourselves, you see.  We're more likely to shoot ourselves or a family member.  Why?  Because we're stupid, backwards hicks.  If only we stopped clinging to our guns and religion and realized that the state will provide all the protection we need.  Not that we actually deserve to be protected.  The state is doing us a favor by providing a police force.  We just need to trust them.

Congressmen, though, need protection.  They need armed guards that will keep the teeming masses at bay.  It's bad enough that they have to smell us.  Heaven forbid any of the peons actually try to get close to any of them.  No, congressmen need to be protected by guns.  They DESERVE to be protected by guns.  You and I?  Not so much.

I'd like to close this post with a response to Charlie Rangel.  It may be harsh, but I think it's well deserved.  Ahem...
Get bent and kindly go screw yourself.
That is all.

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