Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dennis Miller Weighs in On North Korea Supporting Trump

Trigger Warning:
It's Miller Time, bitches...
Apparently North Korean state media published an op-ed Tuesday telling Americans they should vote for Trump over "dull Hillary."  The op-ed called Donald Trump a "far-sighted presidential candidate."  Ostensibly this is in response to Trump's comments about how South Korea needs to start defending itself or start paying us to do so.  

#NeverTrump is, of course, making political hay out of the North Korean op-ed.  "YOU SEE!  NORTH KOREA LIKES DONALD TRUMP!  WE TOLD YOU SO!" they scream in sheer ecstasy while they fondle themselves while reading David French columns.  Me personally I think it's all a plot to sow discord among the good citizens of our great republic.  Either that or it's just North Korea being its standard batshit crazy self.

Of course a true expert must be consulted to get to the heart of the matter.  Bill O'Reilly invited Dennis Miller onto his show to do just that:
Deep thoughts from one of the masters of comedy.  Is Dennis Miller right?  Only time will tell.

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