Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Who Are The Trump Americans?

Trigger Warning:
Who are they REALLY?

Much has been said about the Americans that support Donald J. Trump for president.  Some of it has been positive, much of it has been negative.  Who are these Trump supporters?  Take away all of the media hype, the insults from the Right and the Left.  What does that leave you with.  Patrick Pulatie over at HotGas tried to answer that question with "The Trump Americans:"
Who Are The Trump Support­ers?

Trump support­ers come from all walks of life. They are primar­ily Repub­li­cans dissat­is­fied with the GOP, but they are also Democ­rats and Indepen­dents who also suffer the same dissat­is­fac­tion. Trump support­ers are also the Monster Vote, the people who have either never voted or ceased voting many elections ago.

But even this tells us little about the Trump supporter. So who are the Trump Support­ers for real?
 I won't post any spoilers.  The entire post is definitely well worth the read, though.

For my experiences I've found Trump supporters to be very down-to-earth people.  They're intensely angry about the current state of the country.  Trump supporters are also ardent patriots, exceedingly optimistic, and just downright pleasant people.  I've seen almost none of the racism and bigotry that the media and so-called conservatives tell us is part and parcel of the Trump movement.  Really I've had almost nothing but good experiences in dealing with Trump supporters.

What about you, dear reader?  How have your experiences been with Trump supporters?  Are they exactly like the caricature that the mainstream media on both the Right and Left have built?  Leave a comment below.

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