Sunday, May 15, 2016

#FacebookIn4Words? Biased Liberal Hell Hole

Trigger Warning:
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Hey, how did A.F. Branco get to sneak a peak inside Facebook's Trending Topics division?  No matter, Facebook is, like, totes unbiased.  Mark Zuckerberg himself says so, after all.  If you can't trust the hardcore liberal CEO of a social media website when he says he's unbiased then who can you trust?
Next you'll be telling me we can't trust the owners of secret, illegal email servers!
Credit where credit is due, though.  Mark Zuckerberg did say he was going to meet with "conservative leaders" over a period of weeks.  That vague pronouncement should warm the cockles of everyone out there.
It's a word.  Stop mixing Roofie-coladas and look it up ya skeevy bastard.
Of course even that wasn't enough for some people out there.  Breitbart tech editor, snappy dresser, and Dangerous Faggot Milo Yiannopolous called out Zuckerberg, challenging him to a live debate on his show.  Milo also offered to move the debate to Zuckerberg's Facebook Live platform as an acceptable alternative.  Take a look at the video challenge Milo uploaded to YouTube:
No word yet on whether or not Zuckerberg has accepted Milo's challenge. Word of advice Mark, bring...uhh...lots gel to your meeting?  I honestly don't know what Milo would like.
IDK...the TRUTH maybe?
I want to hear from YOU, though, dear reader.  What's been your experience with Facebook?  Is the platform biased as hell, or is it all the fault of the shadowy algorithms that control our lives?  Is Zuckerberg doing enough to dispel the perception of bias?

What about it, dear reader?  Leave your comments below.

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