Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Breaking: Donald Trump Gives Presser on Veteran's Donations - Full Speech

Trigger Warning:
It's gonna be YUGE!
Remember when Donald Trump skipped that Fox News debate during the primary?  Trump chose to boycott the debate and hold a competing event in which he claimed to have raised nearly $6 million for veterans charities.  A laudable achievement to be sure.

Of course the press being the press-and Donald Trump being Donald Trump-they chose to question how much was raised, and why most of it had not been paid out.  Some so-called conservatives even went as far to call Donald Trump a liar.
No comment on this guy, of course.
Earlier today, though, Donald Trump held a press conference in which he laid out exactly where the money went.  The Donald also explained why it took so long to send much of the money-he needed time to vet the organizations correctly.  Trump also took numerous swipes at the media as well.

Here's the full speech below.  It's 40 minutes, so it's quite a long one.
This will be more red meat for Trump supporters.  They'll have confirmation of what they've known all along; Donald Trump will stand by the nation's veterans.  At least more so than the current Commander-In-Chief has done.
"What, me worry?" -Obama from the 9th hole.

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