Monday, May 23, 2016

Does Anyone Care About Donald Trump's Taxes?

Trigger Warning:
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Bernie Sanders' wife pretty much bankrupts a small town college.  Hillary Clinton hides the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street fat cats, demanding that everyone else release theirs first.  All while neatly side-stepping the fact that she's literally the only candidate giving speeches to Wall Street fat cats.
Like, literally the only one.
Hillary Clinton deletes 30,000 emails off her private server hidden in some dude's bathroom.  Hey, at least she cleaned the server with a cloth.  Bathrooms are notoriously unsanitary places, after all.
Remember this one?
Let's not forget that Hill-dawg also lied about Benghazi, sold off a good chunk of America's uranium to a RUSSIAN company, and covered up indiscretions from her husband that would sicken the likes of Bill Cosby.
"Damn, son, and I thought I was an asshole." -Bill Cosby commenting on Bill Clinton.
Or know what?  Don't show us the tape.
Still, though, pundits and politicians alike are calling on Donald Trump to release his tax returns.  Trump has responded to this in typical Trumpian fashion by telling them "it's none of your business."  Trump has also said he's planning to release his tax returns as soon as his IRS audit is over with.

Here's the question, though-does anyone really care that Donald Trump hasn't released his taxes?  Certainly Hillary, the rest of the Dems, and the annoyingly strident #NeverTrump crowd care.  What about the voters, though?  Does your Average Joe really care that he doesn't know exactly how much Donald paid the government last year?  If he does literally no one out there can prove it.  Trust me, I've looked.
For, like, a solid 20 minutes.  Then I got distracted and looked up lolcats.
You want to know what I think, dear reader?  I think the Average Joe doesn't give a damn about Donald Trump's taxes.  The Average Joe is far more worried about more important things.  Like what?  Oh, I don't know.  How about the horrible state of the economy?  The fact that over 1/3 of Americans are out of work?  The constant threat of ISIS attacks throughout the world?  The importation of terror through indiscriminately accepting unvetted Syrian refugees into the country?  Take your pick, dear reader.  The list is very, very long indeed.

"Radius, you idiot, you don't GET it!  Donald Trump can never be president if he doesn't release his taxes!  It will destroy his chances in the general election!"

Donald Trump is a man who made fun of a disabled reporter, and his poll numbers skyrocketed.  Donald Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, and his poll numbers skyrocketed.  Donald Trump had his campaign manager arrested for assault, and his poll numbers skyrocketed.  Donald Trump boasted, and continues to boast, that he will build a wall on the southern border AND make Mexico pay for it.  You know what happened?  HIS POLL NUMBERS SKYROCKETED.

Why in the hell would ANYONE think a little thing like not releasing his tax returns would be the final nail in Donald Trump's coffin?

What about you, dear reader?  Do you care about The Donald's tax returns, or is this a big nothingburger cooked up by libtards and #NeverTrumpers?  Sound off in the comment section.

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