Monday, May 16, 2016

3 Dark Truths From the Bathroom Wars

Trigger Warning:
Hold your nose...we're going in...
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Our nation has been involved in an epic struggle for the last few weeks.  Greater than the fight against slavery, greater than the struggle for civil rights, greater even than the brawl over gay marriage.  The focus of this epic clash of Right vs. Left?  Bathrooms.
Stick with me, skippy.
You see, dear reader, we've been extremely discriminatory towards men and women transitioning from men into women and women into men.  The Left feels that a man who feels like a woman should be able to use the same bathroom as the women who feel like women and the woman who feels like a man should be able to use the same bathroom as the men who feel like women who actually are men but are also into women. confused towards the end...
Anyway, those of us on the Right (and some on the Left) feel that men and women should use the bathroom of their biological sex.  Men should use the men's room, and women should use the women's room regardless of what gender they identify with.  
Oh shut up...
Shockingly parents are uncomfortable with their children showering and using the toilet with biological members of the opposite sex.  Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that women really don't feel comfortable with using the same bathrooms as people who are biologically male.  Of course the Left really doesn't give a shit about all that.  Transgender bathrooms are the next Great Frontier of Social Justice.  We all need to shut the hell up and accept that all bathrooms everywhere will be unisex.  Anyone raising any sort of objection to this is an evil, heartless bigot.  Dissent WILL NOT be tolerated.
Embrace the gender confusion, comrade.
Of course there are a few aspects of this whole kerfuffle that the Left is (willfully) ignoring.  Okay, there are more than a few truths.  Hell the ignorance of the Left on this subject could be a whole series of posts.  I'm only going to touch on three dark, terrible truths of the Bathroom Wars...for now.

1. It's Not About Transgendered People

You may not believe this, dear reader, but most conservatives-hell, most people-don't give a damn about whether or not someone is transgendered.
Ok, seriously?  Someone get her out of here.
It's true.  Most people aren't obsessed with labeling everyone like the Left is.  We recognize that a person is a person, whether they're black, white, gay or transgendered.  It doesn't matter if a man thinks he needs to live as a woman or a woman thinks she needs to live as a man.  Most people will judge another person based on their actions.  If someone treats us well we tend to treat that person well.  If someone acts like an asshole then surprise surprise, they get treated like an asshole.  Doesn't matter if they're transgendered or not.  We literally could not care less.

Which brings us to the second dark, terrible truth...

2. It IS About Safety

There are some real assholes out there, dear reader.  I know that comes as something of a shock, but stay strong.  There are evil people in the world that are looking at this whole Bathroom War and licking their chops.  They're thinking "finally, I can go into a women's bathroom, do some taping, do some raping, and it's LEGAL!"  All these fetid piles of shit need to do is put on a dress, grab their video camera, and waltz on down to their local Target store to get their sick little rocks off.
"Oh please, Radius, you're completely paranoid.  Transgendered people aren't looking to sexually assault anyone!  Don't use your fear to cover up your bigotry!"

First off, I know transgendered people aren't looking to assault anyone.  Way to completely miss the point, douchebag.  The point is there are men out there who are looking at the Bathroom Wars as an opportunity.  These subhuman scum see this whole mess as an opportunity to go into the women's bathroom without any consequences.  Who's going to stop them?  Anyone who tries is automatically stigmatized as a bigot.  President Obama's recent executive order regarding restrooms in schools literally makes it completely legal for a pervert to be in the same bathroom as your daughter.

Paranoid?  Not really, dear reader, because this is already happening.  Breitbart has over 25 examples of perverts taking advantage of the current climate.  I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, dear reader.

"Oh come on, Radius, you're just stigmatizing transgenders!  BIGOT!"

Typing in all caps doesn't make you right.  This isn't an indictment of transgenders.  This is an indictment of MEN.   You see men are the danger here.  It's men that are dressing up as women and pretending to be men dressing up as women.
You heard me.  Seriously, someone get her the hell out of here.
THAT is the concern here, dear reader.  Women aren't necessarily uncomfortable sharing the same space as a transgender.  They're uncomfortable sharing the same space with men that are pretending to be transgendered.  There's a very real danger of these transgendered women being actual men with male desires and evil intentions.  Dismissing that concern as bigotry is not only intellectually dishonest, it marginalizes women everywhere.

Which brings me to the third, and final, dark, horrible, TERRIBLE truth...

3. The Left Doesn't Care About Women

Hundreds of thousands of women and girls across the country expressed outrage and concern as soon as schools and businesses started instituting transgender bathroom policies.  These women cried out in concern for not only their safety, but the safety of their daughters as well.  What was the almost universal response of the Left?

Major retailer Target declared their bathrooms and changing areas totally open to men, women, and transgenders.  The nationwide backlash resulted in a petition to boycott Target gaining over 1 million signatures.  Target's stock price fell, and as of this writing the company has lost over $4 billion in just a few weeks.  Again women across the country expressed concern for their safety.  I'll give you three guesses as to the Left's reaction to women's fears.  You're only going to need one, though.
Hint: it rhymes with "fatemonger."
If you guessed "touching concern and understanding" congratulations, you failed horribly!  Target CEO Brian Cornell went on CNBC to defend his company's transgender bathroom policy.  Cornell saw the hundreds of thousands of customers begging him to change his company's policy.  He saw them, and gave them a big, friendly "fuck you."  Cornell then entered his name for consideration in the "Worst CEO in America" contest.  I'll have the results of that contest in a future post.

All of this has proven something that conservatives have been saying for years: the Left does not give a shit about women.  
Not even a little bit.
The Left would listen to women's concerns if they really, truly cared.  There would be the sort of "national dialogue" on transgender bathrooms that the Left is always telling us we need to have.  Instead, the second women try to have a discussion they're immediately slandered.  Bigot.  Hatemonger.  Evil.  Fascist.  These are all names that have been applied to women concerned for their safety.  Strike that this is the Left calling concerned mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and wives hateful bigots.  What kind of message does that send?

The Left has proven that they only care about women insofar as caring about women supports their agenda.  Women get kicked to the curb the second their concerns conflicts with the progressive agenda.  This is bigger than women, you see.  Transgender bathrooms are about elevating a supposedly oppressed underclass of people.  Women are no longer the trendy underclass.  They're not as important as transgenders.  Women's rights matter less than what bathroom a transgender man or woman gets to use.

That is the real tragedy in all of this, dear reader.  The fact that women are being marginalized by the very people who claim to want to help them the most.
Oh for...that's it, I can't work like this.  If anyone needs me I'll be in my trailer.
What about you, dear reader?  What's your take on all of this?  Hit me up in the comment section below.


  1. The truth is, progressives do not care about women, transgenders, minorities, etc. They only care about controlling the masses and bending everyone to their will.

    1. Exactly my point. The Left pretends to care about everyone. Hell they tell us they care about people more than the Right. The truth is, however, the Left only cares about people if it cements their control. Progressives push everyone into different groups, then pit each of these groups against each other. They've been doing it for decades, and they'll continue to do it.

      The difference is now the American public knows it. And they're pissed as hell.


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