Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Protesting the Colorado GOP

Trigger Warning:
We're mad as hell...

Most of you by now have heard of what took place with the Colorado caucus this past weekend.  Fossten over at HotGas posted a pretty good run down of what actually happened during the caucus.  Essentially Ted Cruz managed to manipulate the rules set down by the state GOP a year ago, and managed to secure over 30 delegates.  It was totally legal and completely legit.

It also left a really, really bad taste in a lot of voters' mouths.

Many voters, mostly Donald Trump supporters, felt that they had been shut out of the voting process.  These voters were of the opinion that the Colorado GOP had purposely changed the rules to ensure the result that the party wanted.  Specifically, the GOP had manipulated the results to ensure that Donald Trump would not win.  This supposedly paranoid fantasy was all but confirmed when someone with access to the Colorado GOP Twitter account tweeted this little doozy:
What a bunch of dicks...
Of course this tweet was promptly deleted.  The Colorado GOP had issued an apology, and blamed the tweet on "unauthorized access."  It didn't matter, though.  The damage had already been done.  The people of Colorado had confirmation that what they wanted didn't matter one bit.  The GOP had already decided that Donald Trump was not going to win.  They would make sure of thi.  Voters be damned.

Needless to say the people of Colorado are pretty pissed off.  The people are so pissed off that they have planned a protest at the Colorado GOP headquarters.  The protest is set to go off at 3:00 pm local time on Friday, April 15th.  It's perhaps fitting that this protest will be happening on a date traditionally associated with Tax Day.  The group organizing this protest,, has set up a website with directions to the protest.

The Protest

I will be joining in this protest.  Rather than joining in person, however, I will be joining in online.  I will be tweeting the above #NeverTrump picture to both the Colorado GOP and the national GOP.  My tweets will be scheduled to start at roughly the same time as the Colorado protest, and I'll be using the hashtag #IStandWithCO.

Why will I be doing this, you ask?  I will say it's not about the rules change.  It's not even about the fact that Ted Cruz managed to win the delegates.  Ted Cruz did the work to secure them.  Donald Trump, for whatever reason, didn't.  It's about the elitist attitude of the GOP.  The party elites have begged the voters for power ever since Obama took office.  They've told us how they need just a little more to stop Obama's agenda.  Of course once they have that power they insist they can't do anything without just a little more.  Then when we finally give them what they want, they treat us with disdain, at best, outright hatred at worst.  The deleted tweet from the Colorado GOP sums it up nicely.

This has to stop.  The GOP must be confronted with what they've done.  They must be called out on their bullshit.  Shoving this tweet in their faces for all the world to see is one way we can do that.
Join Me

I will be standing with the Colorado protestors this Friday.  You can either join me or not.  It's your choice.  I sincerely hope, however, that I will not be the only one confronting the GOP online.  If you wish to join me simply tweet this picture and #IStandWithCO to @cologop and @GOP.  I'll be tweeting about every 20 minutes.  

I hope you join me in standing with Colorado this Friday.

Update: I'll be starting the protest at 5:00 pm EST.  That way it will coincide with the physical protest in Colorado.

H/T to fossten over at HotGas for giving this some national attention.  They've got their own post with a few more details over here.

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