Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders Is Well-Traveled

Trigger Warning:
On the road again.  Just can't wait to get on the road again...
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Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop on MSNBC Tuesday morning to tell all five people watching why they should vote for him over Hillary Clinton.  Normally MSNBC would be tossing Bernie some softball questions while the "interviewer" stared dreamily at Bernie while doodling hearts around his name in their notebook.  
"Me and Bernie sitting in a tree..."
MSNBC, however, had a rare flash of journalism in which they pointed out that millenials don't like capitalism OR socialism.  What, then, would Bernie like them to believe in?  Bernie Sanders gave the standard answer of "economic justice" (ie, government-sanctioned theft of wealth).  He then proceeded to tell the interviewer exactly how far he had traveled:
You see?  Bernie Sanders has been to ALL those places with extreme income inequality.  From two cities in Michigan all the way to the capital of Pennsylvania.  He's been all over the country, people!  In fact, I've taken the liberty of drawing on a map just how far Bernie Sanders has traveled.
Might want to visit a few other places there, Bernie.  I'm sure it's not just Flint, Detroit, and Philadelphia that are hit with crippling income inequality which hasn't been caused by the Democrats ruling these cities AT ALL.
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge bitches.
Editor's Note: Yes, Bernbots, I know I didn't engage Bernie's answer on the merits.  Sucks when the opposition childishly attacks your candidate for one tiny, little gaffe, doesn't it, bitches?  I wonder if anyone on the right has ever had to suffer that same kind of treatment?
Hmm...nope, can't think of anyone.
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