Thursday, April 21, 2016

A.F. Branco - The White Flag

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You might have heard about the Russian jet that buzzed the USS Donald Cook earlier this week.  Well, Legal Insurrection's A.F. Branco gives us an exclusive look at what exactly took place:
The Navy Times has an interesting with a retired Capt. Rick Hoffman on why exactly the USS Donald Cook didn't decorate the landscape with little pieces of Russian jets.  To sum it up, the planes simply weren't a credible threat:
Russian pilots rattled nerves aboard the destroyer Donald Cook, buzzing within yards of the ship in the Baltic Sea. Provocative, sure. But they weren't a credible threat.

So concludes a retired Navy commanding officer, who reviewed photos and videos from the run-ins on Monday and Tuesday, when unarmed Sukhoi Su-24 fighters flew within 1,000 feet of the ship — once coming as close as 30 feet in what U.S. officials called "simulated attacks."  On Monday, a low-flying Russian Ka-27 Helix helicopter also appeared to take photos of the ship.
This was definitely provocative, but it doesn't amount to a threat, said the retired frigate and cruiser CO.

"Well, we’re not at war with Russia," Capt. Rick Hoffman said. "It would be one thing to be operating and have a threatening attack profile from someone who might not recognize me — that’s not the case here."
I'm sure that's all true.  After all I'm not a military expert.  Even still the whole incident perfectly summed up Obama's foreign policy in general.  Surrender first, ask questions later.  Can anyone legitimately say that this would have happened with a stronger president? 

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