Monday, March 14, 2016

What's Wrong With Hillary?

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What's wrong with Hillary?  That was the question on everyone's mind Monday morning.  Conservatives and Bernbots alike sent the phrase "What's Wrong With Hillary" trending throughout the morning.  

So what exactly IS wrong with Hillary Clinton?  Let's take a look at some tweets and find out.
Hillary Clinton can pal around with an admitted Grand Cleagle of the KKK.  Donald Trump sort of, kind of, but not really gets an endorsement from David Duke and everyone loses their minds!
If a Bernbot can get it why can't Obama and the DNC?
Oh, Jesus.  Maybe our next question should be what the hell is wrong with Mr. Crowder...
Can't argue with that.  Hillary Clinton is pretty much the most corrupt politician in the country.
Okay, dude, which is it?  Is Hillary a corrupt, lying ass politician or is she a strong woman?  Pick one and stick with it.
Oh snap!
Big deal.  We ALL figured that out months ago.
Very true.  It's a pretty legitimate question, I think.  The country deserves to know if the potential "First Woman President" could keel over at any moment.  Especially since her coughing fits are getting more common.  

You may not be aware that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a bit of a chronic cough problem – one that was on full display today when she coughed for a full minute during a speech. This is largely because any coughing fits of hers – like most aspects of Clinton’s health – are only sporadically reported, and never weaved together as part of a larger narrative that asks questions about whether the former Senator is really well enough for the job of President.
It really is worth reading all the way to the end.  There's a "fetid entrails" metaphor that's pretty good.
AHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Oh wait, you're serious.  Let me laugh even harder:
As you can see Twitter had its fair share of answers to the question "What's Wrong With Hillary?"  Some answers came from the right, some came from the left.  Regardless of where they fell on the political spectrum, all of the twits seemed to agree that yes, there is something very wrong with Hillary Clinton.
Something very wrong indeed...
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