Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Pisses Me Off About Liberals

Trigger Warning:
Personal rant incoming...

Folks I'm going to go on a little rant about one of my personal pet peeves.  Before I rant, though, I'm going to set the scene with a little story.

The other day I had gone over to a friend's house in order to visit with them and a bunch of other folks I hadn't seen in a long while.  We had gathered round the table getting ready to play a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons (yes I'm a gamer, try to hide your shock).  At about this time the new wife of one of my high school friends made a disparaging comment about Donald Trump.  I can't remember the specifics of what led up to the comment, but essentially she said "Donald Trump could get away with murder and people would still love him, oh my GAWD!"  
To be fair, though, he said it first...
Now I love a rousing political debate.  Everyone that knows me understands this.  I'm sure most of you readers out there have noticed this as well.  Of course I took a comment like that as an invitation to a discussion (I also have to have the last word), and responded that I agreed completely.  I said it was no different than the cult that surrounded Obama.  "In fact," I said, "Obama could gun down a busload of children, and his supporters would shout 'Thank God Obama stopped those kids before anything bad happened!'"

At this point my friend's new wife pursed her lips and got really quiet.  She doesn't know me well at all, so she might not have anticipated a response like that.  She's also a pretty big liberal, of the "ERMAHGERD BERNIE SANDERS!!!!" variety.
Exactly like that.
At this point my other friend (the homeowner) shouted "Oh no!  We are NOT going to fucking talk about politics because no one gives a shit and EVERYONE is against you!"  My friend's wife then said, very quietly, "yeah that's why I didn't say anything else."

Now I can tell you what my response SHOULD have been.  What I should have said was "you know what? Fuck you both.  If you don't want to talk politics than how about we just not fucking bring it up?"  Because I'm not 100% a dick, and because my parents raised me to be a halfway decent guest, I simply responded with a sarcastic comment and let it go.

This kind of thing pisses me right the hell off, though.  I can hold a great political discussion with pretty much anyone, regardless of whether or not they actually agree with me.  Hell sometimes it's more fun if they DON'T agree with you.  I can even get animated and passionate about the subject, and then dial it right back down once it's clear the other party's done talking about it.  What I absolutely cannot stand, though, is when a liberal trots out some argument or comment, and then gets pissed off at you for responding and not agreeing with them.  
I would rather listen to this guy on a loop while watching Joy Behar do a striptease.
I'm sure you fine conservative folks out there have experienced this same thing.  How many times have you been at a party listening to a bunch of libtards gab about how George W. Bush caused 9-11?  I'll bet you held your tongue because no one wanted to hear you (politely) tell them their conspiracy theory is full of shit.  Or what about on Facebook?  I'm sure many of you are forced to read those asinine liberal memes that people post day in and day out.  The second you post a conservative meme, or even a conservative opinion, you're immediately blasted for being a racist/bigot/homophobe/whatever.
Pictured: Not the most tolerant person ever.
See liberals want to be able to tell everyone else how evil conservatives and Republicans are, and how great liberals and Democrats are.  They want to be able to tell us all about how we can tax the hell out of the rich, or how contraceptives are so expensive no one can afford them.  Liberals want to tell us all about the virtues of socialism.  The key word, though, is "tell."  A liberal, above all else, does not want a discussion.  In the mind of the liberal there is no discussion to be had.  They are 100% right all of the time, and everyone who doesn't think like them should just shut the hell  up.  Liberals want conservatives to be neither seen nor heard.

The reasoning behind this is very, very simple.  Modern liberalism is, at its core, all about everyone feeling good.  They don't care that providing free healthcare for everyone will eventually bankrupt the country and lead to substandard care.  Liberals advocate it because it feels good.  Then a conservative comes along and splashes a hard dose of reality all over their lily white world full of unicorn farts and magic elves.  Conservatives disagree with liberals, and that makes them feel bad.  In essence, we are the rhetorical equivalent of a liberal buzzkill.
What liberals say whenever a conservative enters the room.
So how do we as conservatives fight back against this sort of idiocy?  Well there's a couple of methods that we could employ.  First and foremost we can simply ignore it and go on with our lives.  Whether or not you chose this method probably depends on how well you value the friendship of the liberals within your social circle.  If you want to keep them as friends then you may want to just let it go.  I can guarantee you'll find your circle of friends growing smaller and smaller the more you call out the liberals within.

That's your second option.  You can call out liberals on their bullshit whenever and wherever you are.  Liberal lesbian couple on the bus tells you how intolerant Christians are?  Hit them square in the face with the fact that Muslim countries routinely execute gays.  Progressive pajama boy at a party tells you how fabulous Obamacare is?  Tell him about how doctors are leaving the medical field in droves and slam his face into the cocktail wiener plate.  Lefty keyboard warriors clogging your timeline with Bernie memes?  Grab a whole bunch of stats proving that Bernie's full of shit.  Post it on public.  Mic drop and walk away.
Follow it up with one of these, then kick their puppy.
The third option, of course, is to post passive-aggressively on your blog, and then tweet it out to millions of strangers on the Internet.
Pictured: probably not the healthiest approach.
In the end, though, your response to how liberals treat you is going to come down to what kind of relationship you have with them, and how much you value that relationship.  The best approach may just be to keep your mouth shut, smile and nod, and rest secure in the knowledge that you are infinitely smarter than your friend.  For my part, I'm going to be seriously re-evaluating my friendship with the liberals in my story.

All right, folks, rant over.  Now it's your turn.  When have you been told to shut the hell up by a liberal because of your beliefs?  What was your response?  Grab a glass of wine (or beer, or whatever), pull up a chair, and tell us all about it.
Dish, girlfriend!
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