Monday, March 7, 2016

West Virginia Strikes Blow for Gun Rights

Trigger Warning:
Get ready to lock and load, people!
On March 4, the West Virginia House voted to override Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s (D) veto of permitless carry legislation and on Saturday, March 5, the West Virginia Senate followed suit.
Basically what that means is anyone over 21 who isn't legally barred from owning a firearm can carry a gun without a permit.  Anyone over 18 will also be able to get a concealed carry permit.

There's really not a whole hell of a lot to add here.  It's great to see a state standing up to liberal gun grabbers and striking a blow for gun rights.  The fact that the state House and Senate were able to override the governor's veto is absolutely awesome.  We can only hope that more states out there will follow suit.

It's high time people recognized that the Second Amendment is the ONLY gun law we need.

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  1. Your biggest fanMarch 8, 2016 at 8:29 PM

    Hopefully that will happen in New York sometime in the future.

    1. I would say don't hold your breath, but then again New York's a funny state. It's always possible that the Bloomberg/De Blasio duo has knocked the progressivism out of NYC. If that happens hopefully the state at large will benefit.

      Crossing my fingers!


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