Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#TwoWordTrump Trends on Twitter

Trigger Warning:
Trump setting the Internet on fire again.
Wednesday saw #TwoWordTrump trending for most of the day on Twitter.  The hashtag asked twits to describe Donald Trump in two words, and anti-Trumpers on the left and right were eager to deliver.  Like any Twitter hashtag #TwoWordTrump had its fair share of crazy.  I've collected some of the YUGEST tweets currently swirling around the Internet maelstrom.  Enjoy!
Because no discussion of the GOP is complete without a Harry Potter reference.  I wonder if we'll stumble across the obligatory Hitler reference next?
It's #TwoWordTrump, honey.  There is no #ThreeWordTrump.  You had one damn job, and you couldn't even do that right.
Ooh, a Hitler reference!
Clever, although I feel obligated to point out that Ted Cruz is the one yelling.
Oh, a poop emoji.  You're cool now.
Oh hey, look.  It's Marco Rubio's brother-in-law's truck!
I have no idea what I'm looking at here.
Let's throw in another Hitler reference for good measure.  Although technically 2.0 is a number, not a word.
That sounds...painfully unpleasant.  At least it rhymed.
Why...why does Bernie have a woman's hands?
Also the only candidate to ever run a multi-billion dollar business and create thousands of jobs.  But sure, we'll go with what you said.
Because front runners in campaigns ALWAYS drop out.

There's only three things in life that are guaranteed: death, taxes, and the fact that Donald Trump will set the Internet on fire at least once per day.

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