Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#ToneDownForWhat Leaves Bernbots Fuming

Trigger Warning:
How about we get a comb and tone down that hair?
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Tweet: #ToneDownForWhat Leaves Bernbots Fuming:
It would seem that one of Hillary Clinton's top staffers stepped in it on Monday.  Clinton strategist Joel Benson was asked on CNN about Bernie Sanders' request for another debate with Hillary.  Specifically Bernie Sanders challenged Hillary Clinton to debate him on Saturday in New York.  "Sure, Hillary would be happy to debate Bernie Sanders again," Joel said.  "He just needs to watch his tone."
To be fair Hillary Clinton has every right to complain about Bernie Sanders' tone during the campaign and debates.  After all she's speaking in front of an audience-for Bernie, I might add-for free.  Hillary Clinton usually charges $250k for such a high honor.

The Bernbots, of course, did not like Joel Benson's response one bit.  How dare he imply that Saint Bernie, bearer of free college and unicorns, is going negative!  Bernbots all over the country responded to Joel Benson the same way any capitalist-hating socialist would-by creating a hashtag on Twitter.

Thus was #ToneDownForWhat born.  Enough Bernbots were pissed off at Joel Benson's comments that the hashtag was sent trending Tuesday morning.  #ToneDownForWhat had over 188k tweets as of this writing.  Of course we can't just talk about liberal lunacy on Twitter without taking a look.  Here are just a few of the Hillary-bashing tweets one can find on #ToneDownForWhat.
Oh come now.  It's not like Hillary Clinton has a sense of entitlement about her nomination.  After all, she's allowed many debates...as long as they're not during prime time of course.  Wouldn't want the rabble to start forming their own opinions.
Ouch.  Someone call the Bern unit, cause that bitch is on fire.
Hey, Hillary will release her transcripts just as soon as Obama releases his full, original birth certificate.  And his college records.  So...yeah, never then.  
And the winner for "Most Pro-Bernie Sanders Hashtags in a Tweet" goes to...
Remember kids, always use the appropriate amount of sunscreen to protect yourself from sun-Bern.
Never forget that our Founding Fathers fought the British tooth and nail for the "right" to free college!
I see what you did there.
I'm looking forward to it.  I think it would be hilarious to see liberals implode when Donald Trump calls Hillary "sweetheart" during their first debate.
Here, here, and also here *pulls out the doll's wallet and empties the pockets.*
I'm surprised a liberal remembered that correctly.  Usually they just point to that picture and shout "REPOOOOOOOOOBLICANS!!!!"
Exactly like that.
 You know what?  I'm going to agree with the Hillary camp on this one.  Bernbots, you need to tone it way the hell down.  I'm laughing way too hard.
Tweet: #ToneDownForWhat Leaves Bernbots Fuming:
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