Saturday, March 5, 2016

So #MittRomneySexTape Is a Thing

Trigger Warning:
Those binders full of women finally came in handy.
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You've probably seen #MittRomneySexTape if you've spent any time around conservative Twitter.  #MittRomneySexTape was sent trending a few days ago by Brietbart's John Nolte.  The hashtag started in response to Mitt Romney's "bombshell" comment about Trump's taxes.  Romney essentially implied that there was some funny business going on with Donald Trump's tax returns.  He challenged The Donald to release his returns to prove everything was above board.  Basically Romney called Trump a liar, and dared Trump to prove him wrong.  Mitt Romney went full Harry Reid on Donald Trump.

#MittRomneySexTape followed that line of reasoning.  Nolte implied that Mitt Romney had a sex tape, and called on Romney to prove he DIDN'T have one.  Of course the conservative Twittersphere sent #MittRomneySexTape trending.  At one point #MittRomneySexTape racked up 20,000 tweets/hour.

Of course I can't tell you about a hilarious new hashtag and not give you a peak at what's inside.  Here's some of the weirdest and most hilarious #MittRomneySexTape tweets.
Implying that Mitt Romney has a sex tape, AND that he may have had a hand in the OJ Simpson murders.  Damn, son, way to go for the throat.
Oh, God.  I'm not sure that's an image that I want in my head.
I really hope Paul Ryan's keeping his hands north of the equator.
Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ almighty.  That must have been one hell of a party.
Well, Mitt's definitely going to need it after that last pic.
Is that Marco Rubio in the background?
Aww, they look so happy!  Now THIS is what real love looks like, ladies and gentlemen.
Release the tape, Mitt!  Prove that Charlie Sheen wasn't involved.
Woah.  So THAT'S what happened in 2012!
How can you NOT support gay marriage after seeing this?
I don't think I've ever seen Marco Rubio look so pretty.

Mitt Romney deserves every last bit of this mockery.  He's made it his mission in life to take down Donald Trump, a man who he actively courted when he was running in 2012.  The GOPe is trying to make Mitt a white knight that will ride in and save the party.  I think they're going to be sorely disappointed.
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