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Reporter Storms out of State Dept. #Brussels News Conference

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Pretty much sums it up.
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Picture this: you're a reporter on the U.S. State Department beat.  There's just been a series of horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels.  Reports are coming in fast and furious from the scenes.  The U.S. military and the Mormon Church have both reported that some of their members have been hurt in the attacks, but not killed.  All you're looking for is some corroboration from the State Department on the exact number of Americans hurt.  The State Department spokesman, however, is stubbornly refusing to answer your question.  You ask again and again, and you find yourself getting more and more frustrated.  What do you do?

In State Department spokesman John Kirby's defense the situation in Brussels was, at the time, very fluid.  I can understand not wanting to confirm anything; you run the risk of looking particularly stupid if you confirm things too early.  On the other hand, come on, dude.  Why not at least meet the reporter halfway?  How about you say something like "we are looking into reports that four Americans have been injured, but we can't confirm or deny at this time."  Throw the reporters a bone rather than just stonewalling and looking like an obstinate jackass.

I feel for Lee in this situation, I really do.  It can't be easy covering the "Most Transparent Administration EVER," especially when they stonewall you every chance they get.  I'm sure Mr. Lee took this as just another example of State being obstinate for the sake of it.  You can hear his frustration mount each time he asks the question until, finally, he just gives up.  Did he handle the situation in the most professional manner?  Probably not, but he more than likely did what was best.  Better to just leave the situation rather than explode.

At the very least it makes for a great YouTube video.

Original Video Link: Reporter Angrily Walks Out When State Dept. Won't Answer His Question

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