Tuesday, March 1, 2016

News Flash: Clarence Thomas Isn't Black

Trigger Warning:
Pictured: Not a black man...
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Representative Karen Bass was asked a question by "Reverend" Al Sharpton on MSNBC yesterday.  Specifically she was asked about whether or not the current attorney general Loretta Lynch would be nominated to fill Scalia's SCOTUS vacancy.  Representative Bass' answer just proves that racism isn't just for white people:
The implication here, of course, is that Clarence Thomas isn't black enough for the Supreme Court.  This was such a statement that Al Sharpton had to specifically clarify that they weren't saying that Clarence Thomas wasn't black.  Let me repeat that; Al Sharpton, notorious race-baiting hoaxer, had to clarify that he wasn't implying Clarence Thomas wasn't black.  Al.  Fucking.  Sharpton.  What Karen Bass said was too racist for Al Sharpton.

Of course Karen Bass was implying that Clarence Thomas wasn't black.  Why would she say that, though?  Clarence Thomas is, very obviously, a black man.  Karen Bass said what she said because, to her and others like her, Clarence Thomas is not a true black man.  At best he's an Uncle Tom, at worst he's a race traitor.  Why?  Because Clarence Thomas is a black CONSERVATIVE.  If he were a liberal there would be no problem with him.  In fact, Karen Bass would be singing Clarence Thomas' praises if he were a liberal.  Clarence Thomas isn't a liberal, though.  Clarence Thomas has wandered away from the plantation, and as such is no longer considered "black enough" for liberal blacks.

Clarence Thomas recognized this fact as well.  In fact he once said that he experienced more racism from Northern liberals than he ever did in the South.  That's a pretty telling observation especially since the conventional wisdom is that people are more tolerant the further north you go.  Karen Bass proves that isn't necessarily true, though.

As an added note I went and found a video that talked about this very subject.  Greta van Sustern had Pastor Michael Faulkner and Camile Foster on "On The Record" last year to discuss Clarence Thomas' views on racism:
Provides some great food for thought, I think.

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