Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton Spokesperson Spins So Fast It Makes You Dizzy

Trigger Warning:
We've definitely entered a spin zone.
Hillary Clinton said something very curious during a recent town hall event.  Essentially she admitted that the current energy policies championed by Democrats were putting a lot of coal mines-and miners-out of business.  Hillary Clinton also admitted that her own policies would CONTINUE to put a lot of coal mines-and miners again-out of business.  That's why we need to help them transition to a "green economy."  Of course the good folks over at CNN wanted to get some clarification.  Kristina Schake, luckily, was there to spin as fast as she could for Hillary:
Wait, what?  Hillary Clinton WASN'T VERY CLEAR?  When she said she was going to put MORE coal miners out of business?  How the hell is that not clear?  I feel like the phrase "we'll put coal miners out of business" is just about as clear as you can possibly get.  The only way that could get any clearer is if Hillary Clinton had said it while closing down a coal mine.  Definitely watch the video.  You can see Ms. Schake spin so fast she almost falls out of her chair.

Ms. Schake is right about one thing, though.  Hillary Clinton did not express herself very well.  That's probably why we just happened to get some honesty out of her for once.

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