Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Breaking: Trump Wins Northern Marianas Islands Caucus

Trigger Warning:
It's gonna be YUGE...

It's Super Tuesday Part 2, ladies and gentlemen, the day where several states and territories begin casting their votes for their respective primaries and caucuses.  Florida, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, and Illinois are all casting their votes today.  Of course the big prizes today are the winner-take-all states of Ohio and Florida.  If Trump can win in both of those states he'll end up that much closer to the magic number of 1,237 delegates.  If Kasich wins in Ohio (as he's projected to do) or Rubio wins in Florida (much less likely, although he was up in early voting) then we may be heading to a brokered convention in the summer.  It's all very exciting.
Of course we can't forget the territories.  The Northern Marianas Islands had their caucus earlier today.  Who won that contest?  Donald Trump of course:
Donald Trump has posted a big win in the GOP caucus on the Northern Mariana Islands.

The party says the billionaire businessman won almost 73 percent of the vote in Tuesday's caucus. He will get all nine delegates from the U.S. territory.
Both the Republican and Democrat parties hold primary contests in all of the U.S. territories.  Unfortunately, though, the citizens of the territories are not allowed to vote in the general election.  Trump's win this morning gives him 9 more delegates for the convention in the summer.

So far the delegate count is as follows:
  • Donald Trump-469
  • Ted Cruz-370
  • Marco Rubio-163
  • John Kasich-63 
We do have five states that are still in the process of casting their votes.  I'll be posting updates as I can get them.

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