Friday, February 26, 2016

#WhichHillary Soars on Twitter, Attacks Hillary Clinton

Trigger Warning:
Which witch is which?
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Hillary Clinton got into a little hot water on Twitter after a #BlackLivesMatter activist decided to rudely interrupt one of her events.  Wired has the story:
That was the case for Hillary Clinton Thursday morning when the hashtag #WhichHillary started trending, eliciting more than 88,000 tweets by 1 pm ET. The hashtag, which has been used intermittently on social media to point out times that Clinton has supposedly flip-flopped on issues, gained steam after an altercation between Clinton and Black Lives Matter activist Ashley Williams at a private fundraiser in South Carolina Wednesday.
Williams was protesting a 1996 incident in which Hillary Clinton referred to black gang members as "superpredators," and insisted that we needed to "bring them to heel."  Of course that didn't sit too well with the modern liberal.  Leftist twits used #WhichHillary to imply that Hillary Clinton was, at best, a flip flopper.  Some liberals went further than that, and openly declared Hillary to be a pathological liar.

Far be it for me to criticize the Bernbots on this one.  Personally I love it when liberals eat their own.  I also happen to agree with them on this (God, never thought I'd say THAT).  Hillary Clinton IS a flip flopper, and a pathological liar to boot.  One only needs to look back on the long history she has of lying when it suits her interests.

Now I know I can't talk up a hashtag of any kind without giving you fine folks a little peek of the absolute hilarity that lies within.  So without further ado, here's a collection of some choice tweets from #WhichHillary.
Well now that's just a little insulting.  I think the Wicked Witch of the West deserves better than to be associated with the former Wicked Witch of the West Wing.
Can't she do both?
Oh come on!  It's not like she was running guns through, say, BENGAZHI or anything like that.

Nice try, but we all know black people are going to vote for her anyway.
Ouch, that's gotta hurt.
I absolutely freaking love this one.  
Damn, son, someone call the burn ward!
Poorly expressed thought is poorly expressed.  They're right, though, that is some world class attempted spinning.  Hope the Hillbots don't get too dizzy.

I encourage everyone to take a little jaunt through #WhichHillary.  Where else can you find a knockdown, drag out, lib-on-lib slugfest?

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