Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Twits Hate Trump - In the Trump of the Night

Trigger Warning:
Is Donald Trump still red hot, or has he fizzled out?
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It's been a long time, dear reader, since we've journeyed into that seedier, liberal side of Twitter.  You know the place I'm talking about.  It's those deep, dark crevices that are only whispered about by conservatives.  Those areas of Twitter that are consumed by a deep, irrational hatred of all things that are even remotely conservative.  The denizens of those dens of iniquity are especially vocal in their hatred for one man.  This man, this liberal Antichrist, is none other than Donald J. Trump.

I wondered if the twits' foaming hatred for The Donald had abated in recent weeks.  It didn't seem very likely, especially after Donald Trump's win in South Carolina, and the little spat with Pope Francis.  Once again I delved into the darkness to round up some of the most insanely hilarious Trump hate tweets on the net.

Let's see if the Twitterverse still despises everything The Donald touches, shall we?
  All right, fairly tame so far.  Let's see what else we can find.
Really?  Now I know we've got a huge problem with illegal immigration from Mexico, what with our porous border and all.  Last I checked, though, Donald Trump was trying to move into the White House.  Fairly positive that's not in Mexico.
Now we're talking.  This post is the perfect combination of crazy and creepy that we've come to expect of the lefty Trump haters.
You know a teenager really hates something when they say they hate it more than themselves.
I like this one.  It combines Trump hate, Bush Derangement Syndrome, and 9-11 trutherism all in one insane package.  It's like a leftist perfect storm.
I'd bet money she'll stick around if Donald Trump does win.
Yes, yes!  Let the hate flow through you!
That's...that's probably not a good idea...
He said all of that with zero trace of irony.

As you can see it definitely doesn't look like the Trump haters despise Donald Trump any less than before.  If anything they've gotten more vocal and, dare I say, crazier in the last few weeks.  I'm sure that trend will continue as we get closer to the Republican National Convention.

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