Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Iowa Caucus Day!

Trigger Warning:
It's kinda like that.

It's that time again where Average Joe Six-Pack and his friends get up off their tractors, and trudge their way uphill through six miles of snow to their local polling place.  Members of both parties will cloister themselves inside cardboard polling booths hastily thrown together inside of high school gyms all across the great state of Iowa.  Winners will be crowned.  Losers will be shunned and mocked mercilessly.  Livestock will be curiously indifferent to the whole process.

Who will take home the grand prize?  It's a question that at this moment has no answer, although lots of people have made some guesses.  The Des Moines Register poll released over the weekend puts Donald Trump ahead at 28%, but Ted Cruz isn't too far behind at 23%.  Of course on the Democrat side Hillary Clinton is still the favorite to win at 45%.  Lots of proggies are starting to feel the Bern, though, and Bernie Sanders is right at her heels with 42%.  At dead last we have Martin O'Malley polling at a solid, respectable...3%.
No, Martin, that's not a good thing.
May as well strap in, folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride in Iowa tonight.  As always I'll bring you any updates as best I can.

UPDATE:  Well this is interesting.  Apparently Microsoft is providing an app to the campaigns that will tally and track results from the Iowa caucus.  What could possibly go wrong?  Via HotAir, No worries: a new Microsoft app is tallying all the Iowa caucus results.

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