Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Breaking News: O'Malley, Huckabee Suspend Campaigns

Trigger Warning:
Say it isn't so!
It's the day after the Iowa Caucus, and already presidential candidates are starting to drop like flies.  First up, on the Democrat side, sources with Martin O'Malley have told the AP that he'll be suspending his campaign:
The only surprising thing about Martin O'Malley suspending his campaign is the fact that it took so damn long.  I really don't think I ever saw him polling anywhere above 3%, even when he first started his campaign.  Couple that with reports that Hillary Clinton's campaign was helping O'Malley's supporters to take votes away from Bernie Sanders, and it's pretty clear that Martin's campaign was never going anywhere.
It's such a shame. He looks so happy.
 On the Republican side former Gov. Mike Huckabee announced last night on Twitter that he was suspending his campaign as well:
Again this is another one that's not very surprising.  Huck lasted longer than some, but in the end he just never really got any traction.  He's another one who never really managed to break double-digits (the last polling I saw had him at 4%).  In a crowded field that included such incredibly strong personalities as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb!, etc. Huckabee just had zero oxygen with which to do anything meaningful.  He only managed to grab 1.8% in Iowa last night, so suspending his campaign is probably the right thing to do.  

Now the only question is who will Mike Huckabee throw his support behind?  Will he back Donald Trump (he did attend his veterans event after all) or will he go for Ted Cruz?   It's definitely an interesting question that will probably need to be answered before the next primary.

Of course the downside of Mike Huckabee suspending his campaign is we won't get anymore fantastic campaign videos featuring parodies of Adele songs:
Townhall has the full results of last night's caucus here.  Ted Cruz narrowly managed to edge out Donald Trump by about 3 points with 27.7% to 24.3%.  Marco Rubio followed very closely behind Trump with a respectable 23.1%.  I don't think anyone was really surprised that those were the top three candidates, although I would consider a Cruz win a bit of an upset for Trump.  Does that mean Donald Trump is in trouble?  Maybe, maybe not.  Iowa is really only important because it's the first contest for the primary season.  The Iowa Caucus hasn't chosen the Republican nominee since 2000.  Things will really start to get interesting once we get into the weeds in New Hampshire and South Carolina, though.

It's definitely going to be an exciting season regardless of what happens.

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