Saturday, February 27, 2016

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Trounces Bernie Sanders in SC Primary

Trigger Warning:
Poor Bernie...

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off in South Carolina's knock-down, drag-out Democrat party primary today.  The results were completely, 100% predictable:
Hillary Clinton cruised Saturday to an easy victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary, taking back the momentum from Bernie Sanders heading into Super Tuesday – though Sanders will keep his foothold in the race as he continues to rack up delegates and contributions. 

The Democratic front-runner won largely on the strength of her support from black voters – her so-called “firewall” that, in the end, held up.
Exit polls showed nearly nine in 10 black voters supported Clinton in the Palmetto State, and she hopes that bloc will carry her over her rival as the race heads deeper into the South. With a Nevada and South Carolina win now under her belt, Clinton is working hard to shake off her big loss to Sanders earlier this month in New Hampshire.
 So just how close was Saturday's contest?  Hillary barely beat Bernie in Iowa, and she lost big in New Hampshire.  Surely South Carolina was a close victory as well?  Actually it turns out it wasn't even close:
With 97 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton was beating Sanders in South Carolina by a resounding 74-26 percent.
 Damn.  That's gotta hurt.  Experts are saying Clinton's Southern "firewall" held strong.  I'd say the firewall turned into a raging inferno that completely engulfed Bernie and left nothing but ashes in its wake.

What does this victory mean for the two campaigns?  For starters Hillary's campaign will have gained an insane amount of momentum heading into the next major contest, Super Tuesday.  Such a large margin of victory further cements the notion that a Hillary Clinton candidacy is essentially inevitable.  Bernie Sander's campaign, by contrast, will have to work ten times harder just to stay competitive.  Donors and voters alike are going to look at South Carolina and really start to wonder whether Bernie can go the distance against Hillary.  I bet future polls will show that South Carolina has killed off a lot of the momentum Bernie gained from his New Hampshire win.

I keep telling the Bernbots that Bernie Sanders has no hope of winning against the Clinton Machine.  Hillary's insane victory in South Carolina is just more evidence that I've been right all along.

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