Monday, February 22, 2016

Around the Web: Motley Fool Discusses Bernie's Tax Plan

Trigger Warning:
Tax and spend! Tax and spend!

Sean Williams over at The Motley Fool decided to go ahead and take an in-depth look at Bernie Sanders' tax plan the other day.  The verdict?  I'm not going to post any spoilers, you'll have to read the article:
Election season is now well under way, and with the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary now well in the rearview mirror, Americans can narrow their focus to the eight remaining candidates (two Democrats and six Republicans).

Sanders' tax plan allows him to stand out
One could argue that the biggest story this year has been the popularity of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Viewed as a candidate who goes against traditional political ideals, Sanders has garnered the support of millennial-age voters across the country. You could almost say voters' distaste for political inaction has driven Sanders' favorability.
Check out the original article here: Bernie Sanders' Tax Plan: Here's How Much the Wealthiest Americans Would Pay

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