Monday, February 22, 2016

A Great American Hero Has Died

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Feels incoming.
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Sad times are upon us folks.  It seems that one of the country's last "Buffalo Soldiers," a man named Tomie Louis Gaines, has died at the age of 93 in Greenville, SC.  Greenville Online has the story:
Private Tomie Louis Gaines, 93, one of the last of the Buffalo Soldiers, the black Army men who helped settle the West on horseback and fought in two world wars, was laid to rest Friday at M.J. Dolly Cooper Cemetery in Anderson.

A medic during World War II, Gaines served in the 2nd Calvary and spent time in Italy, Japan and the Philippines. He tended soldiers on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, patched wounds in a field hospital in Italy and was injured by German bombers in the aftermath of a raid.
This man was a goddamn great American hero.  Gaines served in not one, but TWO theaters of World War II.  He helped his fellow soldiers at Normandy at insane personal risk.  I'll bet Tomie never once complained about systemic racism holding him down.  I'd wager that Tomie didn't need any "safe spaces," and I seriously doubt he demanded the Army be made a "home" that validated his every little feeling.  I'm confident that Tomie Louis Gaines was simply a man who did his duty to God and country without demanding anything in return.

Today's youth could learn a thing or two from the Greatest Generation.  The black community-hell, ALL communities-need to hold up men like Private Tomie Louis Gaines as heroes.  We need to honor the men and women who fought to defend the entire world from fascist tyranny.  Not the thugs, cop killers, and rich rappers bitching about being $53 million in the hole.

H/T Fuzzy Slippers at Legal Insurrection: South Carolina's Last Buffalo Soldier Laid to Rest

Do me a favor, folks.  Share this post and help spread Tomie's story around the web.  The best way we can honor the sacrifices he made is to make sure as many people as possible know who Private Tomie Louis Gaines was.

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