Thursday, January 7, 2016

Update: Titusville Baconator Arrested in Mosque Vandalism

Trigger Warning:
Remember this?  He remembers YOU...

Remember that mosque in Titusville, FL that had its doors wrapped in bacon after being vandalized?  You might recall that it involved an unidentified, tattooed white male breaking windows and cameras with a machete.  He then proceeded to throw various pork products at the building, and wrapped the door handles in bacon.  I know you were all wondering whether or not the perpetrator behind this heinous act of (probably) drunken vandalism would be caught.  Well, wonder no more:
Titusville Police detectives have made an arrest in connection with the New Year’s Day vandalism of The Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque.

Michael Scott Wolfe, 35, of Titusville, was arrested Monday evening in Titusville, and charged with criminal mischief to a mosque, a third degree felony.

The evidence revealed Wolfe entered the mosque carport at 11 p.m. and destroyed property with a machete and placed raw bacon in and around the front door.

Wolfe was transported to the Brevard County Jail. He is being held on a $2,000 bail.  He is expected to appear before a judge Tuesday.
Muhammad Musri, the imam in charge of this particular mosque (plus 10 others) still blames Republican candidates for the vandalism.  Because of course it was Republicans:
"You can't help but feel this is a hateful act. All of the negative media, the politicians who want to ban Muslims, close mosques...messages like that motivate people who have an illness in their heart," said Muhammad Musri, who is based in the Orlando area and who oversees a network of 10 mosques as part of the Islamic Society of Central Brevard.
The interesting thing about this case is the fact that, for now, Wolfe is only being charged with a third degree felony.  There was a similar case in Las Vegas that I told you about a few days ago.  The big difference in that case was the FBI was called in pretty much straight away.  The feds were very keen on labeling the Las Vegas incident a hate crime.  Yet with the Titusville case it doesn't seem like the locals even thought to call the FBI.  In fact the only one actually talking to the FBI in Titusville is Musri himself.

Perhaps the answer might be found in the big city liberal vs. small town right-leaning dichotomy.  Las Vegas is a big city in a fairly blue state.  It's only natural that they would feel more comfortable getting the federal government to label their incident a hate crime.  Titusville, while not a small town, is nowhere near as big as Las Vegas is.  There's also the fact that Florida tilts heavily Republican, especially the further north one goes in the state.  Maybe the locals felt less comfortable with federal intervention.  They definitely seem to have caught and charged their guy quicker than Las Vegas.

As I said, the whole thing is very interesting.

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