Monday, January 4, 2016

Mosque Gets Wrapped in Bacon, Blames Rethuglicans

Trigger Warning:
I found you a gator wrapped in bacon stuffed with a chicken.  You're welcome.
I told you a few days ago about a mosque in Las Vegas where some (probably) drunken moron wrapped the door handles in raw bacon.  While eating said raw bacon.  The FBI got involved, and it quickly became the most sacrilicious hate crime ever.

It seems that this incident was a trigger for some underground gang of bacon vandals.  A mosque in Titusville, FL, had the exact same thing happen on Monday.  Except this time things got a little bit more serious:
Florida police were trying on Monday to identify a man with a shaved head and wearing camouflage clothing who was caught on surveillance camera breaking windows, cameras and lights with a machete at a mosque and leaving bacon on the doorstep.

The footage showed the man entering the carport of the Masjid Al-Munin mosque in Titusville near Cape Canaveral in central Florida late Friday night and vandalizing it, Titusville police spokeswoman Amy Matthews said.\
According to Imam Muhammed Musri this was the first such incident in the 40 years that the mosque has been open.  Police are still looking for the man that committed the vandalism.  Of course Imam Musri knew exactly who to blame for this particular incident:
He said the incidents have been further stoked by anti-Muslim sentiments expressed by Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

"These statements legitimize the thoughts of people who are radical," Musri said. "They feel these leaders are agreeing with them, so it's becoming more acceptable for them to say so, to do so."
Everyone who's surprised that Imam Musri blamed Donald Trump and Ben Carson for the vandalism raise your hands.  No one?  I didn't think so.  There's no question that people are on edge ever since the terror attacks of the last few months.  The Paris terror attacks and the San Bernardino shooting showed the world that terrorism can literally strike anywhere at any time.  It doesn't matter if you're at a soccer match, a bar with your buddies, or a company Christmas party.

Blaming those evil ReTHUGlicans is a cowardly cop out.  It ignores the legitimate issues that people the world over have expressed.  Namely the fact that many people feel there hasn't been near enough Muslim condemnation of terrorism over the years.  We are told after every terror attack that terrorism is not synonymous with Islam.  The terrorists don't represent anywhere close to the majority of Muslims.  That may be very well true, however we almost never hear Muslim leaders (or liberals) condemn terror attacks.  All we're told is how WE need to be more understanding of Muslims.  How WE are the cause of terrorism.  How WE are a racist country.  Is it any wonder that people would lash out when being lectured and figuratively attacked after being actually attacked?

Obama has a part to play in all of this as well.  Time and again he has either denied that terror attacks were actually terror attacks (Fort Hood anyone?), or he's lectured the American people.  Not once has he used his position as the (unfortunate) leader of the free world to reassure and protect Americans.  Oh he'll tell us all how horrible we are, and how we need to be more understanding of our Muslim brothers and sisters.  He'll even use a terror attack to unilaterally tighten gun laws through executive fiat.  Actually attempting to heal and protect the American people, though?  Pshaw, he doesn't have time for that.  There's a crisis to be used and abused!

All that being said, the police really do need to catch this guy.  This incident in Titusville was much more serious than the retard out in Las Vegas.  This douchebag had a weapon, and was using that weapon to commit actual vandalism.  Thank God no one was around.  Otherwise things may have ended very, very tragically.

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