Sunday, January 17, 2016

Democrat or Socialist? Now Chuck Schumer Won't Answer

Trigger Warning:
The question every Democrat refuses to answer.
Poor Christ Matthews.  He really has had a rough couple of weeks.  All he's trying to do is get key Democrats to tell him the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist.  It's an important question that really does need an answer.  The one Democrat that's able to appeal to a broad section of the party's base as well as potential moderates is an out and proud Socialist.  Unfortunately the American people don't have a favorable view of Socialism, and there's a very low likelihood that they would vote for a Socialist for the highest office in the land.  Democrats need to distinguish themselves from the Socialists in their party.  

Top Democrats just don't want to play ball, though.  Chuck Schumer was on MSNBC with Chris Matthews last week when Matthews confronted him with the same question he confronted Hillary Clinton with.  How did it go?  Well about as well as one would expect:
Poor, poor Chris Matthews.  He's trying so God damn hard to make the Democrats look good.  You can actually hear the frustration in his voice as Schumer gives him a big, fat nothingburger for an answer.  That laugh as Schumer goes off on his little tangent?  That's the laugh of a man who has to laugh.  Chris has to laugh because if he doesn't he's going to scream.  He wanted to scream at Schumer.  Matthews wanted to reach through his monitor, grab Chuck Schumer by the throat, and shake him like a rag doll.  I'll bet he wanted to shout "YOU IDIOT!  CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU AND YOUR PARTY?  WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION!?"

Poor, poor Chris Matthews.  I doubt he's going to get an answer to his question any time soon.

Original Video Link: Chris Matthews Stumps Chuck Schumer on Differene Between Socialist, Democrat

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