Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CNN Host Goes on Hate-Filled Anti-Gun Rant

Trigger Warning:
Yes, Virginia, liberals really DO want to take your guns.
W. Kamau Bell is a man with a pretty big bone to pick with us gun-toting neanderthals.  What's that?  You've never heard of W. Kamau Bell?  The famous socio-political comedian?  Host of CNN's newest show "United Shades of America?"  Well W. Kamau Bell has heard of you, and he's heard that you've got a couple of guns in your home.

And let me be clear about something else, gun owners. I want President Obama to want to take your guns away. I don't trust you with your guns. I don't trust you to fire them safely. I don't trust you to store them safely. I don't trust your kids not to find them. I don't trust you not to get them stolen. 

I don't trust you not to issue a blanket blame of everyone with mental health issues every time there is a mass shooting, even though we all know that for the most part people with mental health issues are only dangerous to a pint of Ben & Jerry's. 

And frankly, I don't trust you not to shoot me with your guns for no reason. But that's just me, and my friends and family.
That little rant is from the end of a much bigger rant W. Kamau Bell wrote for CNN.com entitled "I want Obama to take away your guns."  The gist of the entire op-ed piece is "god you conservatives are so STUPID for thinking Obama wants to take your guns away.  He doesn't, but he really, really should.  And I really, really want him to.  Oh, and BTW, Obama's president so just accept it losers!"

Now you might be wondering why I linked the end of his op-ed rather than starting somewhere at the beginning.  There's a few reasons for that.  First of all, W. Kamau Bell repeats himself often.  He makes his first point, that conservatives are stupid for thinking Obama wants to take their guns (oh, and you know he's president, right?), but he really really should.  He then goes on to restate that point several times in several different ways.  There's simply no need to start at the beginning of his piece, because W. Kamau Bell doesn't actually say anything of any substance until the end.

The major reason I'm not linking from the beginning of W. Kamau Bell's piece is because I'm not going to refute it at all.  It's not because he's right (he's not), or because I agree with anything W. Kamau Bell says (not even a stroke would do that).  I'm not going to bother refuting W. Kamau Bell's words because there's no point.  Sure I could bust out a whole lot of facts that directly counter the assertions in Bell's op-ed, but what would be the point.  The type of person who writes the kind of hatred and bigotry that W. Kamau Bell has won't be swayed by anything so pedestrian as "facts."  The kind of person who agrees with Bell's hatred and bigotry certainly won't want to hear any facts.

So why bother with W. Kamau Bell's rant at all?  Very simply put, it perfectly illustrates the mindset of liberals when it comes to gun control.  You see, liberals will talk all day about how they don't really want to take guns away from people.  They just want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, you see.  That's step number one in any liberal's gun control plan; keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  Of course step two is always vague or completely ignored, but step three is everyone is safe!  Lawful gun owners can keep their guns, criminals lose their guns, and everything is sunshine and roses!

Except every now and again cracks appear in the happy facade that liberals put up.  Inevitably some liberal somewhere will drop the mask and tell the world what they really think about gun control.  It's not that liberals just don't want criminals to have guns.  They don't want anyone to have any guns.  In the liberal mind guns are evil, violent weapons used simply to kill people.  The only time a person buys a gun is when they're going to kill someone.  The only time someone buys a scary "assault weapon" is when they want to kill a lot of people.  This is the cause for so much hatred among liberals.  Gun owners are evil, violent people because they are gun owners.  No reasonable person would ever need or want a gun for any reason.

You can expect to see more and more liberals speaking out in favor of gun control as the year goes on.  President Obama has finally shifted his focus to gun control for his last year in office (he no longer has to worry about elections, coincidence I'm sure).  California's absolutely horrible A.B. 1014 has taken effect, and allows authorities to confiscate guns without due processGeorgia has gotten in on the action with their own gun confiscation law introduced in the state house a few days ago.  Liberals have crowed for gun control after every recent mass shooting, despite the fact that none of their gun control methods would have prevented a single shooting.  With all that's happened it's only natural that liberals everywhere would feel emboldened to come out with what they think gun control actually means.

It's already started, in fact.  The ultra-liberal, ultra-crazy Salon outlined their desire for nationwide gun confiscations months agoThe Washington Post recently stated that President Obama's tough new gun control measures don't go too far enough, and openly said gun confiscation was needed.  Liberals are increasingly feeling more and more comfortable openly sneering at gun owners.  Actually talking about, and promoting, gun confiscation nationwide is becoming more and more acceptable to them.  This despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly do not favor stricter gun control laws, nor do they trust the government to fairly enforce them.

So what can we expect for the remainder of 2016?  More liberals calling for more gun control, of course, but we can expect them to be more militant about it.  Liberals will, more and more, deride and chastise gun owners.  Their hatred will become more pronounced, and they will continue to use whatever platforms they have to call for the authorities to come and take our guns away.  Lawmakers in blue states (and some purple and red states) will introduce more laws like California and Georgia that are designed to remove guns from the hands of otherwise law abiding citizens.  They will do all of this while insisting that us conservatives are simply being paranoid, even as jack-booted government thugs pry them from our cold, dead hands.

W. Kamau Bell is a hate-filled bigot.  That much is clear from his ranting and raving.  He is by no means the only one out there, however.  Inside all liberals beats the heart of a totalitarian dictator.  They will get bolder as the year goes on.

We will see more W. Kamau Bells come out of the shadows.  I can guarantee it.

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