Saturday, January 2, 2016

Carmelo Anthony, Useful Idiot

Trigger Warning:
Advancing the statist agenda, one celebrity endorsement at a time.
A few days ago New York Knicks player Cleanthony Early was shot in the knee while exiting a strip club in New York.  The shooting reportedly occurred as part of a robbery.  Luckily Early survived the encounter, and reports are that he may even be able to return to finish out the season.

"We got to do something," Anthony said when asked whether the situation illustrated the need for gun control. "You feel it. I felt it in Baltimore, in that situation, the Freddie Gray situation, and I'm feeling it now with a teammate of mine that’s much closer."
"It's just something that we have to do," he continued. "We've got to figure it out. I don't know how we figure it out. I don't have the answers. I'm pretty sure a lot of people are working on trying to figure that out. But we have to do something."
I'll let you in on a little secret: the Left just loves gun control.  The Left, at its core, is all about controlling the individual from cradle to grave.  You are born in the loving embrace of the State, you are educated by the wisdom of the State, you live off the blessings of the State.  When the time comes, you will die by the will of the State.  Total and utter control of thought, word, and deed is the ultimate wet dream of the Left.  The biggest obstacle to that control is the people's willingness and ability to resist the State.  The one thing that gives the American people the ability to resist the control of the State is the second amendment of the Constitution. 

It's impossible to totally control an armed population, at least to the extent that the Left would like.  An armed citizenry is capable of rising up violently if they perceive their government not only no longer represents their interests, but actively works against the people.  Therefore the first thing any budding tyrant needs to do is ensure that the people are thoroughly disarmed.  There are two ways that this can be accomplished-through force, or by changing the culture.

Forcefully disarming the population is probably the single most problematic method of gun control.  An armed citizenry that is already distrustful of their government will collectively flip out if that government comes to take their guns away.  Images of jackbooted thugs shooting it out with regular people circulate the worldwide media, and before you know it you've got a full blown rebellion on your hands.  Definitely not the most efficient method of gun control.

A much more effective means of disarming the populace is by changing the culture.  Gaining total control is much easier if you can get the people to voluntarily disarm.  The strategy can be astonishingly simple.  You can't advocate for the outright banning of guns, at least not at first.  Remember the citizens are naturally suspicious of the State and its motives.  Such a move will likely raise their paranoia and cause them to react in the opposite direction.  No, the first thing you need to do is turn the citizens against the idea of actually owning a gun.  Emphasize statistics that show how dangerous guns can be, such as the amount of crimes committed with guns, or the amount of gun owners accidentally killed by their own guns.  Children are a great tool for this.  Throw up statistics illustrating how often children are killed by guns, and be sure to turn any tragedy into a major media event. 

Try and turn gun control into a public health issue if you can.  Gun ownership often times is couched as a safety issue, however people look at a public health issue differently.  Citizens may view the argument that owning a gun is unsafe with skepticism, but tell them guns are a public health hazard and they may start to see things differently.  Citizens are much more willing to see government step in to fix a public health hazard.

Celebrities are the best tool for changing the culture.  Celebrities by their nature are very visible, and they work constantly to maintain that visibility.  One of the many methods they use is to champion various feel-good causes.  This advocacy can be very effective, and there are millions of Americans that will take up a cause simply because their favorite celebrities have done the same.  Average citizens will look at their favorite celebrity championing the cause of gun control and think "yes, this is an important issue."  All you need to do is get more celebrities on your side, and little by little public perception starts to shift.  Suddenly the public at large is more accepting of gun control, and will echo the cry that "something must be done." 

This is why you get NBA stars like Carmelo Anthony appearing in a pro-gun control PSA.  Carmelo Anthony and his fellow NBA stars are useful idiots for the cause of the Left.  They have been led to believe that gun control is the paramount issue facing Americans across the spectrum, and have willingly lent their voices to the cause of advancing the control of the State.  These celebrities are ever so slowly pulling the public towards giving up their guns and willingly disarming themselves.  The majority of celebrities, of course, are no more or less intelligent than your average American.  Most of them honestly believe they are doing some good in the world.  Of course they're nothing more than tools of the Left, and barely realize exactly what it is they're doing. 

The scions of the Left, however, know exactly what is going on.  Leftists know that if you repeat a lie enough it eventually becomes the truth.  Tell enough Americans enough times that guns are evil and dangerous, and they will start to believe it themselves.  They'll believe it even quicker if celebrities they admire tell them this is true.  Eventually the very idea of anyone owning a gun becomes distasteful to many Americans.  After all, what rational person would want to own something that everyone says will end up killing them?  Once that happens the citizenry itself will support increased gun control.  Eventually the citizens begin to willingly turn over their guns until the only ones who are armed are the agents of the State.  When that stage is reached the Left will realize that one thing they crave the most-total and complete control of every aspect of Americans' lives.

Carmelo Anthony, the NBA, and other celebrities will continue to tell Americans gun control is the only sane option.  They will continue to be useful idiots for the Left.  What we have to do is fight the gradual creep of statist control.  Otherwise we'll wake up one day to find the Left in control of every aspect of life.

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