Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why We Should Consider Arming Ourselves

Trigger Warning:
Might be time to lock and load.
There's no question that the world has gotten more dangerous in the last few years.  President Barack Obama's feckless, haphazard, moronic foreign policy has blazed a trail of destruction across the Middle East and Europe.  Barack Obama's "lead from behind" strategy has toppled friendly regimes all across the Middle East.  His ouster of Moammar Ghadafi, the retreat from Iraq, and unenforced red lines in Syria have allowed ISIS to gain a foothold.  More than that, though, ISIS has been able to thrive, and now controls more territory than any terrorist organization in history.  At this point they've almost become a de facto state unto themselves.

ISIS knows this, and they've capitalized on that fact.  Their propaganda machine is very well developed, and uses platforms like Twitter to recruit terrorists from all over the world.  Most disturbingly, many western Muslims have been drawn to ISIS, and have traveled from their respective countries to the Islamic State.  Even worse, many of these westerners have returned to their home countries where they lie in wait to commit terrorist acts in the name of their faith.

Terrorism itself has gotten much more personal, and much more brutal.  ISIS-affiliated terrorists launched several simultaneous attacks around the city of Paris in November.  These brutal attacks targeted bars, a concert hall, and a sporting event, and killed over 120 people.  It's reported that the terrorists executed hostages in the Bataclan concert hall one by one as they begged for their lives.

Things have gotten worse here at home as well.  We've had no less than three major terrorist attacks on the homeland since Barack Obama took office; the Fort Hood massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing, and just two weeks ago San Bernardino.  Two of these attacks-Fort Hood and the Boston bombing-were committed by Al Qaeda-inspired terrorists.  The San Bernardino shoooting, however, was committed by two ISIS operatives.  The San Bernardino shooting in particular shook Americans to their core because of the simple fact that the target was a normal, everyday Christmas party.  The brutal terrorist attack literally could have happened anywhere.

Mass shootings in general have increased in the last few years.  It's often claimed that there have been 355 mass shootings this year, although left-leaning Mother Jones showed how that figure was flawed.  Mass shootings have increased exponentially since Barack Obama took office, though, with a total of 162 mass shootings.  Mass shootings are especially terrifying because there is literally no way to tell when or where they may happen.  Understandably that sets the public on edge.

More and more Americans are asking whether or not they should arm themselves.  Americans have been buying guns in record numbers since Obama took office.  The Washington Post reported that Barack Obama has probably boosted gun sales by at least $9 billion.  The main reason why Americans are exercising their 2nd Amendment gun rights?  To protect themselves from all of the danger that's been loosed upon the world, of course.

Those of us who don't own guns have to ask ourselves if the time is right to arm ourselves.  Should we join the ranks of Americans that have chosen to exercise their 2nd Amendment gun rights?  There are a few questions that we have to consider before we can answer that.

The first question, of course, is whether or not it is morally right to own a gun.  There are tons of liberals out there who would say no, of course.  This question, though, really misses the point of what a gun is.  A gun is a tool, nothing more than that.  A gun is neither good nor evil.  It's not going to wake up one day and decide to mow down a crowd full of innocent people.  A gun is going to sit in a drawer or locked in a safe until a person decides to use it for whatever reason.  Owning a gun, therefore, is a morally neutral question.  The fact that you have one isn't right or wrong, it's what you do with it that's the question.

Of course the second question we have to ask ourselves is is it right to use a gun to protect ourselves.  Is it right to use a gun to protect our home and families?  I'm not a philosopher, but it seems to me that we have a duty, both as Americans and as human beings, to protect our persons and property.  When faced with a danger to his family and home, a good man would stay behind to ensure they are protected in any way he can.  If we aren't willing to protect what we have, we don't deserve to have it.

The final question that we must ask ourselves is what are we willing to do to protect our families and ourselves?  How far will we go to make sure the ones we love are safe?  When you take a gun into your home for protection you are accepting the risk that you may have to use that gun to shoot someone.  The likelihood is that you never will, but the possibility must be considered.  You also must consider the fact that the person you shoot may be killed.  This will likely be a person very similar to yourself, with friends and family of their own.  These people will undoubtedly be impacted if you shoot and kill that person while they are engaged in the process of harming your family.  Would you be willing to end someone's life in order to keep your loved ones safe, even if that person had loved ones of their own?

These are questions that every prospective gun owner has to consider.  If the answer to any of these questions is no, I would humbly suggest that you not take a gun into your home.  However, if you can answer yes to any of these, the time may be right to exercise your 2nd Amendment gun rights.  I myself will be considering these questions very carefully over the coming weeks as I grapple with whether or not to arm myself.  I would implore everyone to search their souls and find their own answers to these questions.  It's the only way we can effectively determine how to protect our families.

The world is getting more dangerous day by day.  Things are likely to get worse before they get any better. 

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