Thursday, December 3, 2015

UMN Administration Reinstates 9/11 Tribute, Rebukes Students

Trigger Warning:
Aww, poor babies didn't get their way.
Last month I told you about how the student association at the University of Minnesota had voted against a proposal for a campus-wide 9/11 commemoration.  Well it turns out UMN had gotten a massive amount of push back and sucky PR from it.  So a few days ago the UMN administration decided to say "fuck it" and reinstated the commemoration on its own.  From The College Fix:
Despite widespread student and administrative support, a resolution calling for a 9/11 moment of remembrance was recently vetoed by the Minnesota Student Association, the University of Minnesota’s undergraduate student government that serves as the “voice of the student body.”
The MSA voted against the resolution 36-23 on Nov. 10, after opponents expressed concerns about the resolution’s potential to cause “Islamophobia,” and questioned the implementation of a campus-wide moment of recognition.
But their decision to refuse the Sept. 11 tribute prompted nationwide criticism, and the university’s administration recently stepped in to overrule the students.
“MSA leaders have indicated their intent to reconsider this issue, but regardless of MSA’s next steps, the university will move forward with its plans to honor and remember the victims of 9/11,” administrators announced.
University president Eric Kaler put out a press release in which he said:
“Remembering our shared history not only honors the victims of 9/11, but I believe should be a catalyst to bring us together as a community and allows us to advance our mission as an institution of higher education,”
 I agree 100% with President Kaler's decision.  As I said before, 9/11 was an incredible tragedy in which Americans from all races, faiths, and walks of life were brutally murdered.  The idea that remembering those victims would cause Islamophobia shows a profound misunderstanding of what that day meant for all Americans.  Not only that, but it cheapens the memory of not only the victims, but the many first responders who gave their lives trying to save their fellow men.  Plus, it's completely idiotic.

Once again we have an example of a school administration willing to push back against the fascist little snowflakes that attend the school.  Now we just need the rest of them to nut up and do their jobs.

H/T to Dave Ticzon of College Insurrection: University of Minnesota to Reinstate 9/11 Tribute

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