Monday, December 21, 2015

Twits Hate...Ted?

Trigger Warning:
How deep does the hate go?
Anyone who reads Trigger Warning regularly will be very aware of my "Twits Hate Trump" series.  First we had the original Twits Hate Trump, followed by The Trumpening, and finally Live Free or Trump Hard.  We've seen just how hilariously rabid the Internet hate is for Donald Trump is in each of these posts.  Donald Trump is without a doubt the GOP front runner by a large margin.  The media has been breathlessly (and inaccurately) quoting his supposedly outrageous statements.  The GOP establishment is absolutely terrified of him, as are the Democrats.

There was always this nagging question, though.  What exactly does Twitter think of the GOP runner-up, Senator Ted Cruz?  Sen. Ted Cruz is hated by the media, Democrats, and GOP establishment almost as much as Donald Trump.  Did Twitter hate Sen. Ted Cruz as much as they did Donald Trump?  I took to Twitter to answer that question.  Here are some of the juicy tidbits:
Only in a Bernbot's world would ultra-conserative Sen. Ted Cruz be the same as Hillary Clinton.
I can honestly say I have yet to see any twit say they want to punch Donald Trump.  Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.
Woah, Sen. Ted Cruz is scarier than a fucking clown? Seriously?
See that's what happens when your rights are granted by the State.  The State can decide to take them away if it wants.

Of course that's assuming gay marriage is a right (it isn't).  Or that Sen. Ted Cruz actually has a petition active to take away gay marriage (he doesn't).

  Well that's certainly...creative, I guess.  A for effort on this one.
That's...actually a somewhat decent point.  It's debatable whether or not Sen. Ted Cruz can be called ugly, though.
I mean fair enough.  Jeb! has had a hell of a lot of issues in this campaign.  The main issue being the fact that he has yet to break double-digits.

We've almost reached the end of our time together here.  So let's toss out one more for the road.
Thinking is hard.  The motto of liberals the world over.

So what do you think, do twits hate Sen. Ted Cruz as much as they do Donald Trump?  Based on the evidence I'd have to say yes, yes they do.

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