Thursday, December 10, 2015

Twits Hate Trump

Trigger Warning:
The hate, it's YUGE!
So I was feeling a bit bored, and, quite frankly, exhausted this afternoon.  I thought it might be fun to just kind of troll Twitter and see what folks are saying about Donald Trump.  The Donald has always been a controversial figure, especially since he mentioned a plan to temporarily halt Muslim immigration.  I figured searching Twitter for Donald Trump would be good for a bit of mindless fun.  I was not disappointed.  Here's a round up of some of the good ones I found:

What if a Trump supporter also rescued a bag of kittens from drowning?  Would they still be a bad person?
OMG you guys!  She's literally crying right now, OMG!
Or, you know, liberal icon President Jimmy Carter.  Who, by the way, banned Iranian immigrants AND rounded up Iranian students for deportation.

 "I believe in free speech!  Free speech is the best!  Unless you're Donald Trump and you say stuff I don't like!  Then fuck your free speech!"

Here's one final tweet to end on a...well I have no idea what kind of note this is:
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  1. Not only did Carter deport Iranian students, but he did it will get a blowjob from a unicorn wearing a clown wig and Nazi boots.

  2. Well now THAT sounds more like Bill "Blue Dress" Clinton, lol.


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