Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars: Ted Cruz Awakens

Trigger Warning:
Will he bring balance to the force?
I told you the other day about a YouTuber that did a pretty slick Marco Rubio/Star Wars Episode 7 trailer mashup.  Well it turns out Ted Cruz has one too.  Another YouTuber, 2conservatives, posted one online a few days before the Marco Rubio trailer:
Original Video Link: Ted Cruz: The Force Awakens

Oh my, be still my heart.  Right off the bat I will say that while this isn't as slick as the Marco Rubio trailer, it's still pretty damn awesome.  We have Ted Cruz as the neophyte Jedi fighting to bring balance back to the Force.  Hillary Clinton is once again cast as Kylo Ren, heir to the Dark Side and Obama's legacy.  I particularly like how the first footage we see of her is from Chinese media.  I think it really sets up just how deep the Dark Side's corruption really goes-better than the Marco Rubio trailer, in fact.

There are two things that I particularly love about this trailer.  First is the footage of Obama shown when Han Solo talks about the Dark Side.  My god, I almost squealed in delight.  The purple suit, his cocky stride out of the limo to shake what I assume is the hand of the Chinese president.  It really emphasizes his role as the Dark Side's emperor.  Hell we all know it's what Obama really wants anyways.

The second thing I loved was the footage of Ted Cruz duck hunting while the sounds of a space battle are heard.  We hear TIE fighters and X-wings zipping around firing at each other, and we hear an X-wing's blasters followed by an explosion.   It's an action shot, it emphasizes Cruz's combative nature, I love it.

Will either of these trailers tip the balance in their respective candidates' favor?  Maybe, maybe not, but they sure are fun as hell to watch.  Fantastic job, guys, keep them coming!

H/T to commenter DINORightMarie of Legal Insurrection for linking the video.

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