Tuesday, December 1, 2015

MSNBC Guest Bitches About Cops, Ignores Everything Else

Trigger Warning:
You complain about everything EXCEPT the problem...
Charlene Carruthers, national director of the Black Youth 100 Project, took to the airwaves on Melissa "Hard Work is Racist" Harris-Perry's show to react to the Laquan Mcdonald shooting.  Breitbart has the video of Charlene Carruthers' comments, but this is the money shot right here:
“I think we have to center the most marginalized in this story, and the police, they’re going to be alright, but my people aren’t alright. We take it very, very personally when our lives are taken. We talk about the goodness of cops. Let’s talk about how cops even got started in this country. And if the root of how you got started is evil and it’s negative and it’s visceral, then the fruit that you bear is going to be equally as violent and it’s going to overshadow the so-called good acts.”
There you have it.  The concept of a professional police force in this country didn't arise out of necessity because of the rise of big cities, or any other sociological explanation.  The police were formed specifically with evil intent to oppress black people.  Furthermore, screw the good cops, they don't matter at all.  The actions of a few bad eggs outweigh any sort of good anyone else might do.  Fuck the police, am I right?

Carruthers is right in one respect though, black people all over the country are hurting badly.  Unemployment among the black community is high, especially among black youths.  The murder rate among blacks is also insanely high, especially in liberal bastions such as Chicago.  Of course we can't forget the most recent high profile case of Tyshawn Lee, a 9 year old Chicago boy lured into an alley and shot because of his dad's gang ties.

None of that matters to activists like Charlene Carruthers, though.  You see the real problem here isn't the gangs, it isn't a lack of education or economic opportunities, it's the cops.  The horrible, racist cops are to blame for all of the black community's ills.  So we get organizations like #BlackLivesMatter and Black Youth 100 Project protesting by the thousands when thugs are killed while committing violent crimes like threatening or assaulting the police. 

My question to these activists is this: where are the protests for the thousands of innocent black victims killed every year by gang violence?  Why isn't anyone pissed off about that?  Where are the protesters shutting down malls and interstates for Tyshawn Lee?  Does he get a riot, or does his life not matter as much as thugs like Mike Brown?

The sad thing is #BlackLivesMatter could actually effect real, tangible change.  They have enough support that they could do some real good in the community.  Unfortunately the #BlackLivesMatter cowards refuse to actually confront the issues facing the black community.

Innocent victims don't get the amount of media attention as thugs do.

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