Monday, December 14, 2015

Melissa Harris Perry Calls Star Wars Racist

Trigger Warning:
A long time ago, in a very racist galaxy far, far away...
Every conservative out there knows MSNBC's infamous race hustler Melissa Harris Perry.  Literally everything is about race with this woman.  Melissa Harris Perry railed against the term "hard worker" a few months ago because it evoked images of black slaves toiling in the cotton fields for their massa.  More recently Melissa Harris Perry objected to the New York Times showing terrorist Tashfeen Malik's picture on their front page.  Why?  Because it painted a racist (re: accurate) picture of what terrorism looks like.

Melissa Harris Perry was at it again on Sunday.  This time the MSNBC race hustl-excuse me, "hostess"-took aim at one of the most beloved movie villains in one of the most beloved franchises of all time.  Via the Washington Free Beacon:
Melissa Harris Perry has mixed feelings about Star Wars, you see.  Darth Vader literally IS voiced by black actor James Earl Jones in one of his best performances ever.  Right up until just before he dies when his mask is removed by his son, Luke.  It's only then, when he has redeemed himself, that we see that he's actually...a WHITE dude!  That's SO FREAKING RACIST!
That's what I just said!
You can hear one of her guests, a black guy who seems to be a Star Wars expert, giggling as she rants about how racist Darth Vader is.  It's hard to tell if he agrees with her or not, but I have to believe that he's asking the same questions I'm sure all of you are asking right now: "What the hell is this bitch smoking," and "has she even SEEN Star Wars?"

You see if Melissa Harris Perry had actually watched the Star Wars movies she would have realized that Luke Skywalker was, in fact, a white guy.  Therefore, it makes sense that his father would also be a white guy.  The fact that James Earl Jones voiced Darth Vader right up until the end has nothing to do with Darth Vader being black.  James Earl Jones voiced Darth Vader because he's a fucking amazing voice actor.  Hell James Earl Jones' two most iconic roles are Darth Vader, and Mufasa in The Lion King, both roles where he voice acted.

Oh, and by the way Melissa Harris Perry, we actually DO see Vader with his helmet off BEFORE Return of the Jedi.  Here's a scene from The Empire Strikes Back in which we clearly see that he is a white guy:
Let's say we play Melissa Harris Perry's game, though.  Is there a rational explanation for why Darth Vader dresses in black, other than the "fact" that apparently George Lucas is a raging racist?  Yes, Melissa Harris Perry, there IS an explanation, and it most certainly has nothing to do with racism.  Amelia Hill, sci-fi expert at, explains the symbolism behind Darth Vader in her piece "More Machine Than Man: The Symbolism and Significance of Darth Vader's Suit:"
Dressing a villain in all black is one of the most basic symbols there is, since the light/dark, black/white dichotomy has long been a symbol of good versus evil in Western literature. But the symbolism of Darth Vader's suit goes beyond the basic "black equals Sith"; it reveals important things about Vader's character and the nature of his relationship with the dark side.
I suggest reading the whole article; it's not very long, but it is an interesting look into just what makes Darth Vader tick.  Not one word in the article, by the way, states that Darth Vader wears black because he's voiced by a black man.  Darth Vader is evil in almost every way possible.  Dressing him in black serves as an outward depiction of that evil.  The fact that his suit is robotic serves to strip him of his humanity.  Darth Vader regains a measure of the goodness still left in him when he kills the Emperor, hence we get to see his face just before he dies.

Melissa Harris Perry would know all of this if she wasn't such a racist bimbo.

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