Sunday, December 6, 2015

Liberals, What Gun Laws Would Have Stopped San Bernardino?

It's a simple question, really.  Liberal always crow about how we need more gun control laws after literally every mass shooting.  So, the question, what gun laws would have stopped Syed Farook and his wife from gunning down 14 innocent people and wound more than 20 others?  I mean liberals must have some sort of idea on how to solve the "mass shooting crisis."  Over the last few days they've just loved spouting off about how there have been 355 mass shootings this year (even if Mother Jones editor Mark Fallon says that stat is bogus).  I asked this question on Twitter while liberals were crowing about how "WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!"  You know how many responses I got?


Not one thousand, not one hundred.  One single person bothered to try to answer my question.  What did they suggest you ask?  Was it some piece of sweeping legislation or a new policing technique?  Well, just take a look and see for yourself:
Yup...that's it.  The single best way to stop mass shootings is, in fact, to make possessing an illegal gun illegal.  Well, more illegal since, you know, it's ALREADY illegal to possess a firearm illegally.

Really, though, we should try this idea out.  Seriously.  What hardened criminal would even WANT to possess a gun when the mere act of possession would land them a high prison sentence?  Terrorists would quake in fear at the sight of our new, tougher gun laws.  There's no way they could commit jihad while locked up in jail for 20 years!  

I can see it all now...

We star wipe and fade in on a Muslim terrorist, Ahmed, sitting alone in his garage.  Ahmed is slaving away at a workbench filled with old cell phones, remote controlled cars, blasting caps, and C-4.  A single bead of sweat forms on Ahmed's forehead as he carefully attaches the blasting cap to another IED.  The bead grows steadily until it breaks free, rolls down his nose, and falls to the table.  The bead shatters as it hits the table.

Suddenly, the door to the garage is flung open wide.  Another terrorist, Ibrahim, bursts into the room.  He is clearly out of breath, a look of mortal terror on his face.  Ahmed turns towards his panicked companion.

"Ibrahim, my jihadi brother from another mother!  What is wrong?  You are shaking!"

Ibrahim manages to catch his breath long enough to speak.

"Ahmed my friend, I bring grave news.  You know those AK-47s we bought from those ATF agents in Mexico?"

"Yes, my friend I remember it well.  We got quite the deal from them."

"Well, Ahmed, it turns out those guns are illegal."

Ahmed is visibly confused.

"Yes, Ibrahim, they ARE illegal.  We had to smuggle them across the border."

"No, Ahmed, I mean they are REALLY illegal.  The American government has passed some strict new gun laws.  We could get 20 years in prison if we are caught with them."

Ahmed's eyes widen as the realization slowly dawns on him.

"Allah be merciful.  There's no way we can wage jihad on the infidel if we're in prison!  We must dispose of our guns and bombs immediately."

Ahmed and Ibrahim slowly and sadly gather up their materials, and throw them in the trash.

"You know, Ahmed, we could always get jobs."

"Ah yes, Ibrahim.  After all that's why we were angry in the first place."

Yeah...I'm sure that's exactly how it'll go.
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